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Spotlight on Youth - From Berkshire to Rio de Janeiro, Amber Hill's journey of hope

ISSF World Cup Shotgun · Acapulco, MEX

Originally from Binfield, a small english village in Berkshire, Amber Hill is just 15. But she got a Gold medal around her neck and an Olympic dream in her mind.

England has always cast lots of travelers among its people. Now, the young shooter Amber Hill joins the club. Where is she going? South America. Brazil. Rio de Janeiro. 2016 Olympic Games. As you can see, her travel plans are pretty clear.

It all began 5 years ago
in Binfield (Berkshire, England), when Amber was only 10. It was Sunday and she could choose between watching her brother's rugby game and going to the shooting range with her granfather. Not a hard choice for her: she picked up a shotgun and commenced her path. She didn't really know where it would bring her, but she just started walking on it.

As every traveler knows, you need the right tools before getting on the difficult roads. That's why Amber first did her part in gaining some experience in her country: British Open Sportrap, British Open English Skeet, English Open Skeet Ladies Colt. Those are just some of the competitions she won, from her start throughout 2011.

Till that moment, her discipline was English Skeet. Then everything changed: the 2012 Olympics came. In her country. In London. She was just watching at the Skeet final match and suddenly said: “That's exactly what I wanted!”

She was talking about the shooting discipline and thinking about the Olympic gold medal. It didn't take too much time for her to bring the ideas into action: Amber started practising Olympic Skeet Shooting straightaway. With a definite goal: a Gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

What comes next is serious business. ISSF World Cup, Acapulco, March 2013. To start a journey, being young is the best. Young, but self-confident: do you maybe think she was nervous during the Gold medal match? “Not really – she said - I felt quite calm. I just tried to do my best and that's it.”
Winning was just the obvious effect.

Amber's great concentration exploded in these words, right after the match: “It's absolutely amazing. – Said the english athlete - I just came here for the experience, coming away with a gold is... I'm speechless!”

“I want to say 'thank you' to my grandad, my grandma, my dad, my mom... everyone really! - Added Amber, with a really excited voice – They all helped me to get where I am now, I couldn't have done without them.”

Amber Hill just came to a really good point of her journey, but she's not done yet. “I'm planning to go to Al Ain (UAE, Ed.) in April, - she said - for the next World Cup Shotgun.”

Then comes the question which gives her the greatest smile: “And what's your big aim?”. She knows what it is. She knows it well. She's already been working to it for a while. She's going to work 3 more years to get to it: “The Olympics. I'm aiming for Rio 2016, so, hopefully...”

Her sentence doesn't end. Exactly as her journey: Amber Hill is on her way, straight to Rio 2016. At that time, she will not even be 20 years old. Will she make it? “Hopefully...

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