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Jessica Rossi: “I can't stop winning” the new Trap Women World Champ said.

ISSF World Championship Shotgun · Lima, PER

The 21-year old Trap Olympic Champion won her third international title of the year at the ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Lima, Peru, one year after the Games and with a new shotgun. It's a “magic year”, but Jessica has not much time to celebrate: she's getting ready for the ISSF World Cup Finals.


Jessica Rossi did it again. The reigning Trap Women Olympic Champ won the 2013 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Lima, securing her third international title of the season, after winning the Mediterranean Games and the European Championship earlier this year.


Rossi won today's Gold medal match beating Japan's 34-year old finalist Yukie Nakayama 12 to 10 hits, after leading both the qualifications and the semi-final with 70 and 12 hits, respectively.


“This is a magic year! I know that one should rest after the Games, but I just can't stop!” Rossi said, smiling, with the individual and team Gold medals around her neck.


Lima has not been Rossi's easiest match, though. “Today's has been a tough competition. The visibility is really poor here, the background is even worst. It has been difficult since the first series. I knew the scores were going to be low, and I tried to give my best to be among the firsts, to make it to the semi-final.”


And, once she made it to the semi-final with a qualification score of 70 hits, Rossi zeroed in, closing the round in the lead with 12 hits, and making it to the Gold medal match with one target of advantage on her closest opponents.


There, she met Nakayama, who won a three-way shoot-off against Russia's Tkach and USA's Heiden to shoot for the brightest medal. With the new ISSF rules, the medal matches start from zero. It's a new phase of the competition, and every target is vital for the final placements. “I missed first. - Rossi said - But Nakayama lost two clays immediately after. When I finally moved into the lead I told myself I was going to make it.” The final result of 12 hits to Nakayama's 10 gave Rossi her third title of the season.


“I have a new gun since a few months, the Beretta DT11, and it took me a while to get accustomed to it. But now it's just perfect, and I would like to thank the companies and my sponsors for their support in this moment of my life. I would like to dedicate this medal to them, as well as to my family and to my boyfriend.”


“I have been taking it easy, after London. But the new season, the new rules, and my new equipment, brought me back to the range quite soon.” The Italian Champ explained.


“It feels great to wear these three Gold medals: Mediterranean, European and World Championship.” Rossi added, looking then forward to the next appointments. “The last match of the year will be the ISSF World Cup Final, in Abu Dhabi, in the Emirates, next October. I will be there.”


That will be another chance to finish on top. This year, Rossi ended up twice on World Cup podiums, in Acapulco (MEX) and Al Ain (UAE). And, in 2011, she had won the ISSF World Cup Final, held in the United Arab Emirates as well. How long is Rossi's “magic year”?


Silver to Nakayama, Bronze to Tkach.

The Silver medal went to Japan's Yukie Nakayama, with 10 hits in the Gold medal match, 11+4 hits in the semi-final and 70 hits in the qualification.


The Bronze medal match was won by Russia's 43-year old finalist Elena Tkach, who defeated USA's Rachael Lynn Heiden by 12 to 11 hits, after scoring 11+3 clays in the semi-final and 70 targets throughout the qualification.


France's first time finalist Melanie Couzy, 23, placed in fifth with 9 hits in the semi-final (after qualifying with 69 hits), while the second Italian finalist Federica Caporuscio ended up in sixth place with 7 hits in the semi-final (qualification: 69 hits).


Rossi and Caporuscio lifted Italy atop of the teams podium.

Jessica Rossi and Francesca Caporuscio, together with their teammate Silvana Stanco, were today's youngest and most successful team. The three shooters, 21, 24 and 20 years old, respectively, won the teams Gold with a combined score of 206 target.


Three targets behind them, the Russian Federation (Elena Tkach, Irina Laricheva and Tatiana Barsuk) secured the Silver medal with 203 targets. One target more than what scored by the Australian team (Suzanne Balogh, Catherine Skinner and Laetisha Scanland) who placed in third with a combined score of 202 hits.





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