50m Rifle 3 Positions - Campriani and Zublasing: two hearts, one score

ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol / Shotgun · Beijing, CHN

The Italian couple Campriani – Zublasing won the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men and Women finals, with the same score: 458.8 points. Enough to strength their leadership atop of the world rankings, and walk into the forthcoming World Championship as the favorites.

It has been a great da, for the Italian team, today, as the golden couple Niccolò Campriani and Petra Zublasing won both the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men and Women final, at the 2014 ISSF World Cup in Beijing.


The two Italian shooters - team at competitions, family off the field of play - won the respective finals with the same score: exactly 458.8 points.


“It's great to celebrate together” Campriani said “Petra shot a great competition, she was even ahead of my score for most of the match!”


The 2012 Olympic Champion and current world rank leader Campriani beat the local hero Zhu Qinan (CHN) at the last shot, to finish atop of the podium of the Men's final. And what a thrilling last shot: the Italian closed the match with an 8.9, but when he turned his head to the monitor he found out that Zhu had fired a disappointing 8.5, placing himself in second with a total score of 458.1 points. France's Valerian Sauveplane pocketed the Bronze medal behind them, with a final score of 448.8 points.


“I have been lucky, at the last shot.” Campriani admitted after the match.


“Things like that happen. But that's ok, it gives me the right motivation to keep on shooting and to keep improving, after winning the medals I've won in the past years.” The 26-year old reigning Olympic champion said.


“I have been changing several parts of my equipment: the stock, the trousers, the shoes... That's why my results have been weaving up and down in the last months. I am still looking for the best set up, in the lead up to the World Championship.” Campriani said, talking about his season.


“I really hope that Petra will give us one more reason to celebrate, later on.” Campriani added, while interviewed right before the start of the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women event, where his girlfriend Petra Zublasing started off as one of the favorites.


Zublasing did not delude the expectations. Nailing a series of great shots, she led the match from the beginning right to the end of the final. She finished the kneeling series atop of the table with 155.0 points, then she increased her advantage over the followers during the Prone series with 310.2 points, and finally closed in first with 458.8 points. Exactly the same score marked by Campriani, just one hour before.


The Italian shooter left behind her the two Chinese medal hopes Chang Jing (Silver with 457.1 points) and Chen Dongqi (Bronze with 445.9 points), confirming once again to be the best 3 position shooter of the world.


Campriani and Zublasing: a couple that wins two world cup medals on the same day. Impressed? Not really. It had already happened, at the first ISSF World Cup stage of the season, in Fort Benning (USA). There, the two Italian shooters where not even supposed to participate, and eventually landed on the highest step of the respective podiums. But, that day, Zublasig scored almost 10 points more than her boyfriend Campriani (462.0 to 453.4).


The all-Italian family contest will now continue at the next ISSF World Championship, where both Petra and Niccolò are looking for an Olympic quota place, a slot to compete in the Rio 2016 Games.



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