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Kim Cheongyong: Halfway to Rio

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Korea's Kim Cheongyong, the bronze medalist at today's 50m pistol, says that he has 50% chances of winning an Olympic gold in Rio de Janeiro

Today's bronze at the 50m pistol in Gabala is the fourth medal in the career of the 18-year-old Kim Cheongyong.

Representing the Republic of Korea, Kim had won two gold medals (Asian Games, Asian Shooting Championship), and a silver at the Youth Olympics last year.

This time, he stepped onto the podium (169.9 points) with his teammate Park Daehun, 20, who had already won a silver earlier this season, in Changwon.

"[I feel] good," says Kim, who, asked if he expected this medal, says "so and so."

"I feel very good."

On his way to the bronze, Kim says that becoming a gold medalist at the Asian Games has prepared him--that, and working with the Korean Team in the training center.

"Always training," says Kim, concisely.

Kim's career started one day at school. His Physical Education teacher once let him shoot, and Kim continued on from that.

Now, after his first World Cup medal, Kim already thinks of the Olympics.

"I dream of winning a gold in Rio de Janeiro," Kim says, adding that right now he has "50%" chances of making that dream come true.

He has about one year to work on the other 50%.

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