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BAKHTAMYAN, Norayr - ARM nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubShooting School of Armenia
Year of birth1970Start of competing1986
Place of birthErewan, ARMPractising shooter since1982
HometownErewan, ARMPersonal CoachNikoghoshan
ResidenceErewan, ARMNational CoachNikoghoshan
Height (cm)174Handednessright
Weight (kg)82Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP60, STP, FP
Children2Other sport activitiesswimming
Higher educationsports instituteComments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
4OG ATHENS 2004FP56490.8654.8
7OG ATHENS 2004AP6058299.9681.9
11OG BEIJING 2008AP60580580
14OG BEIJING 2008FP555555
16OG LONDON 2012AP60579579
18OG LONDON 2012FP557557
6WCH LAHTI 2002AP6058597682
10WCH ZAGREB 2006AP60581581
28WCH MUNICH 2010AP60577577
28WCH ZAGREB 2006FP553553
31WCH MUNICH 2010FP554554
37WCH LAHTI 2002FP547547
2WCF BANGKOK 2008AP6058897.2685.2
2WCF BANGKOK 2004AP6058996.5685.5
5WCF MUNICH 2010FP55992.3651.3
7WCF BANGKOK 2007FP55796653
8WCF BANGKOK 2007AP6057898.8676.8
2WC BANGKOK 2007FP56794.9661.9
2WC BANGKOK 2007AP6058999.4688.4
4WC MILAN 2012FP56196.2657.2
4WC MILAN 2012AP6058697.3683.3
4WC BEIJING 2008AP6058695.7681.7
4WC MILAN 2005AP6058297.4679.4
4WC MILAN 2004AP6058698.6684.6
4WC MUNICH 2000AP60584100684
5WC BEIJING 2010AP6058499.8683.8
5WC BELGRADE 2010FP56793.5660.5
6WC MUNICH 2009FP56892660
6WC MILAN 2006AP6058298.6680.6
7WC MUNICH 2011AP6058695.8681.8
7WC BELGRADE 2010AP6058498.5682.5
7WC MUNICH 2008AP6058397.8680.8
7WC MUNICH 2006AP6058497.7681.7
8WC MUNICH 2012FP56389.6652.6
10WC MUNICH 2008FP562562
10WC MUNICH 2006FP560560
12WC MUNICH 2005AP60583583
13WC BEIJING 2010FP552552
13WC MILAN 2008AP60580580
13WC MUNICH 2000FP558558
14WC MUNICH 2007AP60581581
14WC MILAN 2005FP560560
14WC MILAN 2004FP558558
16WC MUNICH 2007FP559559
16WC MILAN 2006FP559559
17WC MUNICH 2009AP60580580
18WC ATHENS 2004AP60578578
18WC ATHENS 2004FP555555
19WC MUNICH 2012AP60580580
19WC MUNICH 2003AP60578578
20WC MILAN 2008FP559559
20WC MUNICH 2003FP553553
21WC BEIJING 2008FP557557
24WC MUNICH 2001FP552552
33WC MUNICH 2001AP60574574
37WC MUNICH 2005FP550550
53WC MUNICH 2011FP546546
2ECH MOSCOW 2006AP6058798.4685.4
2ECH TALLINN 2005AP6058899.5687.5
3ECH OSIJEK 2009FP55893.5651.5
4ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AP6058398.3681.3
5ECH PRAGUE 2009AP6058597.5682.5
6ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AP6058198.6679.6
7ECH BRESCIA 2011AP6058399.2682.2
7ECH THESSALONIKI 2002AP6058099.1679.1
8ECH PLZEN 2003FP55588.7643.7
8ECH BORDEAUX 1999FP56191.3652.3
9ECH MERAKER 2010AP60580580
9ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AP60578578
9ECH GYOR 2004AP60581581
10ECH BELGRADE 2011FP559559
10ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AP60580580
12ECH PLZEN 2003STP563563
12ECH ZAGREB 2001FP551551
18ECH BELGRADE 2005FP557557
19ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AP60575575
20ECH GRANADA 2007STP556556
25ECH STRASBOURG 1994AP60574574
27ECH GRANADA 2007FP550550
27ECH MUNICH 2000AP60576576
36ECH BELGRADE 2005STP550550
40ECH OSIJEK 2009STP541541
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