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ZHU, Qinan - CHN nation flag  

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Year of birth1984Start of competing2003
Place of birthWenzhou, CHNPractising shooter since1999
HometownWenzhou, CHNPersonal CoachChang Jing Chun
Residence National CoachChang Jing Chun
Height (cm)180Handednessright
Weight (kg)66Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
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Latest news about this athlete

China’s Zhu Qinan wins the first Gold medal of the ISSF World Cup in Munich

The three-time Olympian claimed his 21st World Cup medal in the 10m Air Rifle event, adding it to the Bronze one he already achieved in Changwon last April.


Athens' Air Rifle Olympic Champion Zhu took the 50m 3 Positions Rifle title in Granada

Zhu beat Kamenskiy with a solid last shot, at the end of the standing series, after dueling against the Russian athlete throughout the last part of the match. Belarus' Bubnovich took the Bronze, his second medal during this world championship. Reigning Olympic Champ Campriani pocketed a Quota place.


Zhu (CHN) beat Sidi (HUN) to win the first Gold of the ISSF World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia

The ISSF World Cup in Rifle and Pistol events in Maribor was opened by today's 10m Air Rifle Men event, won by the 2004 Olympic Champ and 2008 Olympic Silver medallist Zhu Qinan, of the People's Republic of China. Peter Sidi (HUN) and Milutin Stefanovic (SRB) joined him on the podium.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG ATHENS 2004AR60599103.7702.7OR, FOR, FWR, EWRJ
2OG BEIJING 2008AR60597102.7699.7
5OG LONDON 2012FR3X401170100.21270.2
6OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401176414.8
10OG LONDON 2012AR60595595
34OG LONDON 2012FR60PR590590
1WCH GRANADA 2014FR3X401180457.2
3WCH ZAGREB 2006AR60595102.9697.9
4WCH MUNICH 2010AR60597101.9698.9
1WCF BANGKOK 2012AR60598102.8700.8
1WCF WROCLAW 2011AR60600103.8703.8FWR, EWR
1WCF WUXI 2009AR60598103.7701.7
1WCF BANGKOK 2007AR60598102.6700.6
1WCF BANGKOK 2004AR60599101.5700.5EWRJ
3WCF GABALA 2014AR60627.4184.2
3WCF BANGKOK 2008AR60599103.3702.3
3WCF GRANADA 2006AR60595103.1698.1
6WCF MUNICH 2013AR60628.9122.5
7WCF BOLOGNA 2016FR3X401174400.2
7WCF MUNICH 2005AR60592100.7692.7
9WCF MUNICH 2015FR3X401169
9WCF MUNICH 2015AR60624.7
9WCF GABALA 2014FR3X401168
10WCF WROCLAW 2011FR3X4011571157
1WC MUNICH 2015AR60627.9206.0
1WC MARIBOR 2014AR60625.2207.6
1WC MUNICH 2011AR60599104703
1WC FORT BENNING 2011FR3X40118199.41280.4
1WC SYDNEY 2011FR3X40117695.41271.4
1WC FORT BENNING 2010AR60599104.1703.1
1WC CHANGWON 2009AR60597103.3700.3
1WC MILAN 2009AR60596103.1699.1
1WC MILAN 2008AR60599102.2701.2
1WC BEIJING 2008AR60597103.8700.8
1WC FORT BENNING 2007AR60598104.5702.5
1WC MILAN 2006AR60598102.3700.3
1WC MILAN 2005AR60597102.7699.7
1WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AR60595104.6699.6
1WC BANGKOK 2004AR60598103.6701.6WRJ
2WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401183455.3
2WC BEIJING 2014FR3X401177458.1
2WC BEIJING 2010AR60598103.2701.2
2WC BEIJING 2009AR60597102.3699.3
2WC MUNICH 2008AR60597103.6700.6
2WC MUNICH 2006AR60597104.1701.1
3WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401177451.2
3WC CHANGWON 2015AR60630.1185.3
3WC GABALA 2015FR3X401179446.8
3WC FORT BENNING 2011AR60597103.4700.4
3WC MUNICH 2009AR60597103.6700.6
3WC MUNICH 2007AR60598102.6700.6
4WC MARIBOR 2014FR3X401174438.4
4WC MILAN 2012AR60599102.3701.3
4WC MUNICH 2011FR3X40117598.91273.9
4WC SYDNEY 2007AR60596103.5699.5
5WC BANGKOK 2016AR60627.4143.3
5WC MUNICH 2014FR3X401176427.7
5WC MUNICH 2012AR60597103.1700.1
6WC FORT BENNING 2014AR60628.3122.2
7WC FORT BENNING 2014FR3X401171400.5
8WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60626.880.0
8WC LONDON 2012AR60596102.3698.3
9WC MUNICH 2016FR3X401178
10WC SYDNEY 2011AR60595595
14WC BANGKOK 2016FR3X401155
15WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401173
19WC MILAN 2009FR60PR590590
22WC GUANGZHOU 2006AR60592592
31WC MILAN 2012FR60PR592592
33WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011671167
33WC BANGKOK 2004FR3X4011431143
38WC LONDON 2012FR3X4011451145
55WC BANGKOK 2016FR60PR602.1
60WC FORT BENNING 2015AR60617.4
61WC MUNICH 2005AR60588588
1ASC KUWAIT CITY 2011AR60598102.2700.2
1ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004AR60597102.7699.7EWRJ
2ASC DOHA 2012AR60598102.8700.8
2ASC DOHA 2009AR60596104.7700.7
3ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004FR3X40115999.71258.7
4ASC KUWAIT 2007AR60593103696
14ASC DOHA 2012FR3X4011231123
1ASG GUANGZHOU 2010AR60598104702
2ASG INCHEON 2014FR3X401171455.2
2ASG DOHA 2006AR60594104.3698.3
3ASG GUANGZHOU 2010FR3X401161101.31262.3