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QIU, Jian - CHN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1975Start of competing1993
Place of birthJiang Su, CHNPractising shooter since1991
HometownJiang Su, CHNPersonal CoachMa Jun
Residence National CoachMa Jun
Height (cm)175Handednessright
Weight (kg)78Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationCommunity CollegeComments 
HobbiesFishing, soccer  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG BEIJING 2008FR3X40117399.51272.5
19OG BEIJING 2008FR60PR593593
32WCH LAHTI 2002FR60PR588588
34WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X4011361136
1WCF MUNICH 2001AR60598102.1700.1
6WCF MUNICH 2002AR60595102.8697.8
8WCF WUXI 2009FR3X40116495.51259.5
9WCF BANGKOK 2007FR3X4011561156
10WCF BANGKOK 2008FR3X4011541154
2WC BANGKOK 2007FR3X40117696.61272.6
2WC MUNICH 2001AR60597104.5701.5
4WC SYDNEY 2002FR3X401170100.11270.1
4WC ATLANTA 2001AR60594102.7696.7
5WC MUNICH 2001FR60PR596103.5699.5
6WC ZAGREB 2003AR60594102.8696.8
7WC SHANGHAI 2002AR60596101.5697.5
7WC SYDNEY 2002AR6059799.6696.6
9WC MUNICH 2003FR60PR595595
9WC MILANO 2002FR60PR594594
9WC ATLANTA 2002AR60594594
9WC ATLANTA 2001FR3X4011671167
9WC MUNICH 2001FR3X4011691169
11WC MILAN 2008FR3X4011651165
11WC CHANGWON 2005FR60PR591591
11WC MILANO 2002FR3X4011641164
13WC MUNICH 2008FR3X4011671167
13WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR60PR596596
15WC ATLANTA 2002FR3X4011631163
19WC ZAGREB 2003FR3X4011581158
22WC ZAGREB 2003FR60PR593593
23WC MILAN 2008FR60PR592592
23WC MUNICH 2008FR60PR595595
26WC MUNICH 2003FR3X4011611161
26WC SYDNEY 2002FR60PR592592
31WC ATLANTA 2002FR60PR589589
32WC ATLANTA 2001FR60PR582582
39WC BEIJING 2008FR3X4011471147
45WC BEIJING 2008FR60PR590590
5ASC KUWAIT 2007FR3X40116098.21258.2
7ASC KUWAIT 2007FR60PR591102.8693.8
6ASG BUSAN 2002FR3X40115797.51254.5
9ASG BUSAN 2002FR60PR592592