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DUARTE DELGADO, Diego - COL nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubWaunakee Gun Club, North Bristol Sports Club
Year of birth1970Start of competing1985
Place of birthBucaramanga, COLPractising shooter since1983
HometownBogota, COLPersonal Coach 
ResidenceWisconsin, USANational Coach 
Height (cm)178Handednessright
Weight (kg)85Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsDT150, SK125
Children2Other sport activitiesSporting clays, Fitasc
Higher educationMaster in Buisness AdministrationComments
ProfessionShooting Instructor  
HobbiesHunting, dairy cows, aoutdoors, sporting clays  
LanguagesSpanish, English, Italian  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
15OG ATHENS 2004SK125120120
38OG BEIJING 2008SK125106106
22WCH LIMA 1997SK125117117
33WCH LAHTI 2002SK125116116
35WCH LONATO 2019SK125119
35WCH NICOSIA 2003SK125117117
37WCH LIMA 2013SK125117
48WCH MOSCOW 2017SK125116
48WCH FAGNANO 1994SK125114114
56WCH NICOSIA 2007SK125117117
62WCH BELGRADE 2011SK125119119
66WCH BARCELONA 1998SK125115115
67WCH GRANADA 2014SK125115
100WCH LONATO 2015SK125111
109WCH LONATO 2005SK125105105
10WCF ROME 2003SK125116116
1WC LONATO 2003SK12512125146
7WC ACAPULCO 2013SK125118
7WC CHANGWON 2007SK125119119
7WC KERRVILLE 2006SK125119119
7WC GRANADA 2003SK125123123
8WC CAIRO 2021SK125120
8WC LIMA 1996SK125119119
9WC CAIRO 2006SK125121121
10WC HAVANA 1994SK125118118
12WC SYDNEY 2004SK125121121
16WC BEIJING 2008SK125118118
18WC CHANGWON 2005SK125118118
18WC PERTH 2003SK125119119
19WC SANTO DOMINGO 2002SK125119119
20WC NEW DELHI 2021SK125115
23WC TUCSON 2012SK125119119
24WC ATHENS 2004SK125119119
25WC AMERICANA 2004SK125112112
26WC ACAPULCO 2013DT150121
26WC LONATO 2001SK125117117
31WC CONCEPCION 2011SK125119119
34WC BEIJING 2010SK125113113
37WC KERRVILLE 2008SK125111111
37WC LONATO 1998SK125116116
42WC TUCSON 2014SK125115
44WC SANTO DOMINGO 2007SK125116116
53WC LONATO 2012SK125112112
53WC LONATO 2007SK125117117
57WC BEIJING 2011SK125114114
59WC ATLANTA 1998SK125108108
60WC SUHL 2002SK125107107
62WC ACAPULCO 2015SK125110
64WC BELGRADE 2008SK125113113
64WC SUHL 2008SK125110110
67WC LAHTI 2019SK125114
67WC LONATO 2000SK125112112
67WC LONATO 1999SK125114114
74WC LARNAKA 2015SK125114
77WC ATLANTA 1996SK125104104
85WC ROME 2005SK125108108
3CAT FORT BENNING 2001SK12511924143
12CAT SALINAS 2005SK125113113
19CAT RIO DE JANEIRO 2010SK125116116
3PAG SANTO DOMINGO 2003SK12512325148
9PAG GUADALAJARA 2011SK125118118
17PAG RIO DE JANEIRO 2007SK125113113
18PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995SK125114114
24PAG TORONTO 2015SK125110