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MEYERHOFF, Susanne - DEN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1974Start of competing1992
Place of birthKalunborg, DENPractising shooter since1988
HometownJerslev, DENPersonal Coach 
Residence National Coach 
Height (cm)174Handednessright
Weight (kg)61Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAP40, SP
Children2Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
15OG ATLANTA 1996AP40379379
21OG ATHENS 2004AP40379379
34OG ATLANTA 1996SP564564
35OG SYDNEY 2000AP40372372
39OG SYDNEY 2000SP562562
2WCH MILAN 1994AP40Junior380380
4WCH MILAN 1994SPJunior569569
5WCH BARCELONA 1998SP58498.9682.9
17WCH BARCELONA 1998AP40379379
23WCH MUNICH 2010AP40381381
27WCH GRANADA 2014AP40379
27WCH ZAGREB 2006AP40380380
37WCH LAHTI 2002AP40376376
2WCF MUNICH 2001AP4038799.2486.2
3WCF LUGANO 1997AP4038497.5481.5
5WCF NAEFELS 1996AP4038399.8482.8
5WCF MUNICH 1994AP4037599.7474.7
7WCF ZURICH 1998AP4038197.3478.3
1WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AP40386100486
1WC MILANO 1998AP40383100.8483.8
1WC SEOUL 1997AP40391100.3491.3
2WC ATLANTA 2001AP40384101.5485.5
2WC BARCELONA 1994AP4038599.8484.8
2WC MILAN 1994AP4038598.6483.6
3WC BANGKOK 2004AP40382100.9482.9
3WC MUNICH 1997AP40384101.6485.6
4WC GUANGZHOU 2006AP40384100.1484.1
4WC ZAGREB 2003AP4038497.8481.8
4WC HAVANA 1996AP4037798.6475.6
4WC MILAN 1995SP581102.2683.2
5WC MUNICH 1998AP4038597.3482.3
5WC ATLANTA 1996AP4038398.7481.7
6WC SHANGHAI 2002AP4038598.2483.2
6WC MILANO 1999AP4038597482
7WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003AP4038197.2478.2
7WC CHANGWON 2003AP4038299.8481.8
7WC MILAN 1994SP58198.4679.4
8WC CHANGWON 2011AP4038495.5479.5
8WC MUNICH 2003AP4038496.6480.6
9WC MILAN 2004AP40382382
9WC ATLANTA 2002AP40383383
9WC ATLANTA 2000AP40380380
9WC MUNICH 1999AP40385385
9WC MUNICH 1995AP40383383
10WC MILANO 1997AP40380380
11WC MILAN 2006AP40382382
13WC MUNICH 2006AP40383383
14WC SEOUL 1995AP40380380
15WC MILANO 2002AP40381381
15WC MUNICH 1997SP575575
15WC SEOUL 1997SP567567
15WC HAVANA 1996SP569569
16WC MUNICH 2007AP40382382
17WC BELGRADE 2010AP40381381
17WC BANGKOK 2007AP40382382
17WC FORT BENNING 2007AP40380380
18WC CHANGWON 2005AP40378378
18WC BARCELONA 1994SP569569
19WC ATLANTA 2000SP566566
20WC MILAN 1996AP40377377
21WC HIROSHIMA 1995AP40372372
22WC SYDNEY 2000AP40377377
22WC MUNICH 1996AP40376376
24WC MUNICH 2014AP40381
25WC MUNICH 2005AP40381381
25WC MILANO 2000AP40377377
25WC MILAN 1996SP573573
26WC FORT BENNING 2011AP40380380
26WC MILANO 2000SP572572
29WC MUNICH 2013AP40377
30WC ATHENS 2004AP40379379
31WC MILAN 2009AP40377377
31WC MILAN 1995AP40376376
33WC MILANO 1997SP570570
35WC ATLANTA 1999AP40374374
39WC SEOUL 1995SP561561
40WC HIROSHIMA 1995SP275275
47WC MUNICH 2011AP40378378
47WC MUNICH 1996SP567567
48WC ATLANTA 1996SP565565
49WC MUNICH 2009AP40374374
68WC MUNICH 1995SP550550
1ECH MOSCOW 2006AP40386100.6486.6
1ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AP40389103.7492.7
1ECH THESSALONIKI 2002AP40384102.2486.2
1ECH ARNHEM 1999AP40381103.5484.5
2ECH STRASBOURG 1994AP40Junior37498.6472.6
3ECH GYOR 2004AP4038598.6483.6
3ECH TALLINN 1998AP40383101.3484.3
4ECH BUDAPEST 1996AP4038697.8483.8
5ECH MUNICH 2000AP4038199.7480.7
6ECH BUDAPEST 1992AP40Junior371371
7ECH VANTAA 1995AP4038199.5480.5
9ECH ODENSE 2013AP40380
9ECH MERAKER 2010AP40381381
12ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AP40381381
12ECH BORDEAUX 1999SP577577
14ECH WROCLAW 1994SPJunior566566
16ECH BRESCIA 2011AP40380380
17ECH PRAGUE 2009AP40379379
18ECH WARSAW 1997AP40377377
24ECH TALLINN 2005AP40377377
25ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AP40378378
27ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AP40377377
29ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AP40374374
33ECH ZURICH 1995SP569569