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HORNEBER, Petra - GER nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubGermania Prittlbach
Year of birth1965Start of competing1980
Place of birthFloss, GERPractising shooter since1980
HometownKranzberg, GERPersonal CoachRalf Horneber
ResidenceKranzberg, GERNational CoachClaus Dieter Roth
Height (cm)156Handednessright
Weight (kg)51Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children1Other sport activities 
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RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG ATLANTA 1996AR40397100.4497.4OR
9OG SYDNEY 2000AR40393393
9OG ATLANTA 1996STR3X20579579
17OG SYDNEY 2000STR3X20575575
1WCH LAHTI 2002STR3X2057996.5675.5
7WCH MILAN 1994STR3X2057992.1671.1
8WCH MILAN 1994AR4039298.3490.3
9WCH BARCELONA 1998AR40393393
12WCH BARCELONA 1998STR3X20578578
29WCH LAHTI 2002AR40393393
38WCH LAHTI 2002STR60PR583583
1WCF NAEFELS 1996AR40396102.6498.6
1WCF MUNICH 1993STR3X2057998.4677.4
2WCF LUGANO 1997AR40395102497
3WCF MUNICH 1999AR40396102.4498.4
3WCF NAEFELS 1996STR3X2058493.8677.8
5WCF MUNICH 1995AR4039398.4491.4
6WCF ZURICH 1998AR40393102.5495.5
7WCF MUNICH 1995STR3X2056894.7662.7
9WCF MUNICH 2000AR40394394
9WCF MUNICH 1999STR3X20569569
10WCF MILAN 2003STR3X20194194
10WCF MUNICH 2002STR3X20572572
1WC MUNICH 1996STR3X2058996.9685.9
1WC HAVANA 1995AR40394102496
2WC MUNICH 1999STR3X2058396.7679.7
2WC MUNICH 1997AR40398101.1499.1
2WC MILAN 1996AR40398102500
2WC HIROSHIMA 1995STR3X2058393.2676.2
3WC MILANO 2000STR3X2058098.5678.5
3WC MILANO 2000AR40399101.9500.9EWR
3WC MUNICH 1998AR40396103.3499.3
3WC MUNICH 1995STR3X2058498.2682.2
3WC MILAN 1993STR3X2057793.7670.7
4WC MILANO 2002AR40397103.2500.2
4WC MILANO 2002STR3X2058096.7676.7
4WC MILANO 1999AR40398101.3499.3
5WC MUNICH 1997STR3X2057899.9677.9
5WC HIROSHIMA 1995AR40394100.7494.7
5WC HAVANA 1995STR3X2056397.3660.3
5WC FORT BENNING 1994AR40392101.9493.9
6WC MILANO 2001AR40395102.6497.6
6WC MILANO 1999STR3X2058391674
6WC MILAN 1994STR3X2057993.2672.2
7WC BANGKOK 2004AR40397101.8498.8
7WC MUNICH 2001AR4039899497
7WC MUNICH 1995AR4039499.2493.2
7WC MILAN 1994AR40390100.2490.2
7WC MILAN 1993AR40392102.1494.1
8WC SUHL 1987AR4039198.6489.6FRG
9WC BANGKOK 2004STR3X20574574
9WC FORT BENNING 1994STR3X20576576
11WC MUNICH 1999AR40395395
14WC MILAN 1996STR3X20573573
14WC HAVANA 1994AR40384384
23WC MUNICH 2003STR3X20576576
29WC ZAGREB 2003AR40393393
37WC MUNICH 2000STR3X20573573
68WC ZAGREB 2003STR3X20525525
2ECH BUDAPEST 1996AR40395102.9497.9
3ECH MUNICH 2000AR40395102.8497.8
4ECH ZURICH 1995STR3X2057697.3673.3
6ECH WARSAW 1997AR40394102.2496.2
7ECH KOUVOLA 1997STR3X2057894.5672.5
8ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AR40395100495
8ECH ARNHEM 1999AR40393100.6493.6
9ECH BORDEAUX 1999STR3X20577577
19ECH STRASBOURG 1994AR40390390
23ECH ZURICH 1995STR60PR587587
28ECH PLZEN 2003STR60PR589589
36ECH KOUVOLA 1997STR60PR583583
43ECH BORDEAUX 1999STR60PR576576