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SIDI, Peter - HUN nation flag  

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GenderMClubKomarom Olympia SE
Year of birth1978Start of competing1994
Place of birthKomarom, HUNPractising shooter since1994
HometownBudapest, HUNPersonal CoachLaszlo Pinter, Balazs Vigh
ResidenceKomarom, HUNNational CoachLaszlo Pinter
Height (cm)180Handednessright
Weight (kg)86Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, 300FR3X40, 300FR60PR, 300STR3X20, ARMIX, R3X40MIX
Children Other sport activitiesCrossbow
Higher educationUniversityCommentsMultiple World and European Champion
HobbiesFishing, Skydiving, motorbike  

Latest news about this athlete

ISSF World Cup Final: Arsovic and Sidi shine at the 10m Air Rifle finals

Serbia’s Andrea Arsovic won the 10m Air Rifle Women event in Bologna, while it was Hungary’s Peter Sidi who claimed the 10m Air Rifle Men title.


Sidi wins 10m Air Rifle Men Gold and Quota at opening World Cup event in Changwon

The Hungarian shooter beat world's #1 Yang Haoran after a neck and neck final, securing the first Rifle and Pistol World Cup Gold of the season and a qualification slot for the next Olympic Games.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
5OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60625.9142.7
6OG LONDON 2012FR3X4011681011269
6OG BEIJING 2008AR60595103.4698.4
11OG LONDON 2012FR60PR595595
12OG ATHENS 2004AR60593593
13OG LONDON 2012AR60594594
13OG SYDNEY 2000FR60PR594594
15OG SYDNEY 2000AR60589589
19OG ATHENS 2004FR3X4011571157
24OG ATHENS 2004FR60PR591591
25OG BEIJING 2008FR3X4011631163
25OG SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011571157
34OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401162
39OG BEIJING 2008FR60PR588588
1WCH MUNICH 2010FR3X40117897.61275.6
2WCH MUNICH 2010AR60599101.4700.4
2WCH ZAGREB 2006300FR60PR599599
3WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X40115595.71250.7
4WCH MUNICH 2010FR60PR598103.6701.6
5WCH MUNICH 2010300FR3X4011771177
6WCH GRANADA 2014300FR3X401169
6WCH ZAGREB 2006300STR3X20583583
7WCH BARCELONA 1998FR3X40Junior11481148
8WCH CHANGWON 2018300STR3X20574
9WCH GRANADA 2014300FR60PR596
10WCH GRANADA 2014300STR3X20579
10WCH BARCELONA 1998AR60Junior585585
11WCH CHANGWON 2018AR60627.8
11WCH BARCELONA 1998FR60PRJunior589589
12WCH ZAGREB 2006300FR3X4011661166
14WCH CHANGWON 2018300FR3X401154
14WCH GRANADA 2014AR60624.8
15WCH ZAGREB 2006FR3X4011661166
16WCH CHANGWON 2018300FR60PR585
18WCH LAHTI 2002AR60592592
22WCH MUNICH 2010300STR3X20574574
23WCH GRANADA 2014FR3X401168
23WCH ZAGREB 2006AR60593593
28WCH MUNICH 2010300FR60PR592592
30WCH CHANGWON 2018FR60PR622.1
34WCH ZAGREB 2006FR60PR593593
37WCH LAHTI 2002FR60PR587587
47WCH CHANGWON 2018FR3X401165
1WCF BOLOGNA 2016AR60628.2207.7
1WCF MILAN 2003AR60597103.7700.7
2WCF MUNICH 2010FR3X40117497.81271.8
2WCF WUXI 2009AR60599101.5700.5
2WCF BANGKOK 2007AR60596102.9698.9
3WCF NEW DELHI 2017AR60622.9228.5
3WCF WROCLAW 2011AR60597104701
3WCF MUNICH 2010AR60595103.3698.3
4WCF BANGKOK 2004AR60595102.7697.7
4WCF MILAN 2003FR3X40116199.81260.8
4WCF MUNICH 1999AR60594102.1696.1
5WCF BANGKOK 2008AR60599102.3701.3
5WCF MUNICH 2005AR6059699.3695.3
6WCF MUNICH 2015AR60630.2123.0
6WCF WROCLAW 2011FR3X401167101.51268.5
6WCF GRANADA 2006FR60PR596102.7698.7
7WCF MUNICH 2015FR3X401174405.6
7WCF GABALA 2014AR60628.6102.0
7WCF MUNICH 2013AR60626.9101.5
7WCF MUNICH 2002AR6059899.5697.5
7WCF MUNICH 2002FR3X40116895.61263.6
10WCF BANGKOK 2007FR3X4011541154
1WC CHANGWON 2015AR60627.6208.2
1WC GRANADA 2013AR60625.4206.2
1WC CHANGWON 2011AR60598104.6702.6
1WC BEIJING 2009AR60598101.5699.5
1WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008AR60598104.5702.5
1WC BANGKOK 2007AR60597102699
1WC BANGKOK 2007FR3X40117499.11273.1
1WC MUNICH 2006FR60PR598104.8702.8
1WC ZAGREB 2003AR60596103.2699.2
2WC NEW DELHI 2017AR60623.7249.1
2WC MARIBOR 2014AR60625.7206.2
2WC MUNICH 2013AR60633.5206.8WR
2WC MUNICH 2009AR60597104.5701.5
2WC CHANGWON 2005AR60598103.1701.1
2WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AR60599100.5699.5
2WC SYDNEY 2004AR60595103.3698.3
2WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003AR60594102.4696.4
2WC ATLANTA 2002AR60597101.8698.8
2WC SHANGHAI 2002AR60596104.8700.8
3WC BEIJING 2014AR60628.4187.0
3WC CHANGWON 2013AR60627.8182.2
3WC SYDNEY 2010FR3X401166102.41268.4
3WC MILAN 2008AR60596104.3700.3
3WC SYDNEY 2007AR60598101.6699.6
3WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003FR3X40116699.31265.3
3WC SEOUL 1999AR60596101.7697.7
4WC FORT BENNING 2018AR60626.1205.4
4WC BANGKOK 2016AR60630.3164.5
4WC GABALA 2015AR60626.9166.0
4WC FORT BENNING 2011FR3X401175100.41275.4
4WC CHANGWON 2011FR3X4011691001269
4WC BEIJING 2010AR60596104.2700.2
4WC BEIJING 2009FR3X401169102.11271.1
4WC GUANGZHOU 2006AR60597101.3698.3
4WC CHANGWON 2005FR60PR595101.1696.1
4WC MILAN 2005AR60596101.5697.5
4WC ATHENS 2004FR60PR595104.1699.1
4WC CHANGWON 2003FR3X401167101.11268.1
4WC SYDNEY 2002AR60596102698
4WC SYDNEY 2000AR60594101.4695.4
5WC NEW DELHI 2021R3X40MIX863 (576)
5WC GUADALAJARA 2018FR3X401169419.4
5WC BAKU 2016FR3X401169424.5
5WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401179424.8
5WC FORT BENNING 2014AR60623.8143.9
5WC MUNICH 2011AR60597101.9698.9
5WC SYDNEY 2010AR60596100.7696.7
5WC FORT BENNING 2010FR3X401169100.71269.7
5WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008FR3X40116499.21263.2
5WC BEIJING 2008AR60599100.1699.1
5WC CHANGWON 2003AR60595103.6698.6
6WC BEIJING 2019AR60629.7165.1
6WC CHANGWON 2013FR3X401156409.4
6WC MILAN 2012AR60597102.5699.5
6WC MUNICH 2011FR3X401175981273
6WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR60PR597102.8699.8
6WC ATLANTA 2002FR60PR594104698
6WC ATLANTA 2001AR60594102.3696.3
6WC MUNICH 1999AR60594102.1696.1
7WC NEW DELHI 2017FR3X401168400.1
7WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401173404.6
7WC FORT BENNING 2015AR60626.0101.3
7WC MILAN 2009FR60PR594102.9696.9
8WC NEW DELHI 2021ARMIX628.0 (414.0)
8WC MUNICH 2018FR3X401178403.8
8WC MUNICH 2016FR3X401179402.6
8WC FORT BENNING 2013AR60631.978.4WR
8WC RESENDE 2006AR6059692.3688.3
8WC MILAN 2004AR60594102.2696.2
8WC SHANGHAI 2002FR3X40117095.81265.8
8WC MUNICH 2001AR6059699.2695.2
9WC NEW DELHI 2021FR3X401164
9WC NEW DELHI 2019AR60628.3
9WC MUNICH 2018AR60629.1
9WC GABALA 2015FR3X401173
9WC BEIJING 2014FR3X401166
9WC MILAN 2012FR60PR595595
9WC SYDNEY 2011AR60595595
9WC SYDNEY 2010FR60PR594594
9WC BELGRADE 2010FR3X4011681168
9WC CHANGWON 2009AR60593593
9WC SYDNEY 2004FR60PR595595
9WC ATLANTA 2000FR60PR595595
10WC MUNICH 2012AR60597597
10WC FORT BENNING 2007AR60595595
11WC NEW DELHI 2019FR3X401175
11WC GRANADA 2013FR3X401168
11WC MILAN 2009AR60595595
11WC MUNICH 2008FR3X4011681168
11WC SYDNEY 2007FR3X4011691169
11WC GUANGZHOU 2006FR3X4011671167
11WC SYDNEY 2002FR3X4011641164
11WC MUNICH 2000AR60593593
11WC ATLANTA 1999AR60593593
12WC MUNICH 2019AR60628.9
12WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2019AR60627.1
12WC GUADALAJARA 2018AR60623.0
12WC LONDON 2012FR3X4011611161
12WC MILAN 2012FR3X4011641164
12WC FORT BENNING 2007FR3X4011701170
12WC MILAN 2006AR60595595
12WC GUANGZHOU 2006FR60PR593593
12WC MILANO 2002AR60593593
12WC ATLANTA 2002FR3X4011641164
12WC ATLANTA 1998FR60PR594594
12WC MILANO 1998AR60591591
13WC MUNICH 2016AR60626.5
13WC FORT BENNING 2014FR3X401163
13WC SYDNEY 2011FR60PR595595
13WC FORT BENNING 2011AR60596596
13WC MILAN 2008FR3X4011631163
13WC MILAN 2004FR3X4011631163
13WC SYDNEY 2004FR3X4011631163
13WC ZAGREB 2003FR60PR594594
14WC BAKU 2016AR60625.5
14WC CHANGWON 2009FR3X4011541154
14WC MUNICH 2007AR60595595
14WC MUNICH 2006FR3X4011611161
15WC NEW DELHI 2021AR60625.9
15WC FORT BENNING 2018FR3X401166
15WC MUNICH 2015AR60626.3
15WC BELGRADE 2010FR60PR595595
15WC MILAN 2006FR3X4011601160
16WC BEIJING 2014FR60PR617.8
16WC BEIJING 2010FR3X4011611161
16WC MUNICH 2009FR3X4011681168
16WC CHANGWON 2005FR3X4011501150
16WC MILAN 2005FR60PR593593
17WC NEW DELHI 2017FR60PR615.5
17WC MARIBOR 2014FR3X401165
17WC CHANGWON 2009FR60PR592592
17WC MUNICH 2008AR60595595
17WC FORT BENNING 2007FR60PR592592
17WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR3X4011621162
18WC GABALA 2017AR60624.4
18WC SYDNEY 2011FR3X4011611161
18WC MUNICH 2007FR3X4011701170
19WC MUNICH 2018ARMIX835.0
19WC CHANGWON 2018FR3X401172
19WC CHANGWON 2015FR3X401168
19WC FORT BENNING 2011FR60PR594594
19WC SEOUL 1999FR60PR591591
20WC CHANGWON 2013FR60PR612.0
20WC FORT BENNING 2010AR60593593
20WC BEIJING 2008FR3X4011541154
20WC RESENDE 2006FR3X4011591159
20WC MUNICH 2003AR60593593
21WC CHANGWON 2018AR60625.3
21WC MUNICH 2017FR3X401171
21WC BANGKOK 2016FR3X401150
21WC GABALA 2015FR60PR623.9
21WC ATHENS 2004AR60592592
21WC SHANGHAI 2002FR60PR592592
21WC MILANO 2001AR60590590
23WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60623.7
23WC RESENDE 2006FR60PR590590
23WC ATLANTA 2000AR60588588
23WC ATLANTA 1998AR60587587
24WC GABALA 2017FR3X401168
24WC BEIJING 2009FR60PR591591
24WC MILAN 2006FR60PR588588
24WC MUNICH 2005AR60594594
25WC BELGRADE 2010AR60594594
26WC MUNICH 2006AR60594594
26WC ATHENS 2004FR3X4011611161
27WC MUNICH 2019FR3X401174
28WC MUNICH 2014FR3X401167
28WC MILAN 2009FR3X4011571157
29WC MUNICH 2003FR60PR592592
30WC BAKU 2016FR60PR615.4
30WC MUNICH 2001FR60PR592592
30WC MUNICH 2000FR60PR592592
31WC ZAGREB 2003FR3X4011551155
32WC MUNICH 2008FR60PR594594
32WC CHANGWON 2003FR60PR590590
33WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2008FR60PR589589
33WC MUNICH 2003FR3X4011591159
35WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401167
35WC MUNICH 2009FR60PR594594
36WC MUNICH 2014FR60PR621.8
37WC BEIJING 2010FR60PR591591
37WC BANGKOK 2007FR60PR590590
38WC FORT BENNING 2010FR60PR593593
38WC MUNICH 2007FR60PR593593
38WC MUNICH 2005FR60PR588588
39WC GABALA 2017FR60PR620.2
39WC MUNICH 2012FR60PR593593
39WC MUNICH 2005FR3X4011551155
40WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011651165
41WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2019FR3X401165
41WC MARIBOR 2014FR60PR618.3
41WC MILANO 2002FR3X4011521152
41WC ATLANTA 2000FR3X4011431143
42WC MUNICH 2014AR60622.2
45WC MUNICH 2001FR3X4011541154
46WC BANGKOK 2016FR60PR609.2
46WC SYDNEY 2000FR60PR589589
47WC BEIJING 2019FR3X401157
47WC MILAN 2005FR3X4011451145
47WC MUNICH 2000FR3X4011551155
48WC MUNICH 2016FR60PR621.0
48WC CHANGWON 2015FR60PR615.7
48WC CHANGWON 2011FR60PR582582
49WC SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011401140
50WC MUNICH 1998AR60587587
52WC MUNICH 2015FR60PR617.5
53WC SYDNEY 2002FR60PR579579
54WC MILAN 2008FR60PR585585
55WC MUNICH 2017AR60623.1
1ECH MARIBOR 2015300FR3X401175
1ECH BELGRADE 2011FR3X401171102.71273.7
1ECH BRESCIA 2011AR60596102.7698.7
1ECH OSIJEK 2009300FR3X4011841184WR
1ECH OSIJEK 2009FR3X40117099.71269.7
1ECH GYOR 2004AR60599102.9701.9
1ECH THESSALONIKI 2002AR60596104.7700.7
2ECH BELGRADE 2011300FR3X4011701170
2ECH BELGRADE 2011300STR3X20583583
2ECH MERAKER 2010AR60597102.1699.1
2ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AR60595102.6697.6
3ECH BOLOGNA 2019300FR3X401183
3ECH BAKU 2017300FR3X401161
3ECH MARIBOR 2015300STR3X20584
3ECH MUNICH 2000AR60592103.1695.1
4ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AR60599101.6700.6
4ECH GRANADA 2007FR3X401168971265
4ECH GRANADA 2007300FR3X4011711171
6ECH OSIJEK 2013300FR3X401168
6ECH GRANADA 2007FR60PR595104699
6ECH TALLINN 2005AR60596102.3698.3
7ECH WROCLAW 2020AR60632.5143.4
7ECH BAKU 2017300FR60PR593
7ECH OSIJEK 2013FR3X401171397.5
7ECH ODENSE 2013AR60624.4100.1
7ECH ARNHEM 1999AR60592101.7693.7
8ECH PRAGUE 2009AR60595100.4695.4
8ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR60596100.4696.4
9ECH DEAUVILLE 2007AR60595595
9ECH COPENHAGEN 1998FR3X40Junior11321132
10ECH GRANADA 2007300FR60PR596596
11ECH BOLOGNA 2019FR3X401175
11ECH BAKU 2017300STR3X20571
11ECH MOSCOW 2014AR60623.8
11ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AR60593593
12ECH MARIBOR 2017AR60625.2
12ECH ZAGREB 2001FR60PR594594
13ECH OSIJEK 2019AR60626.0
13ECH BAKU 2017FR3X401148
13ECH GYOR 2016AR60623.7
13ECH COPENHAGEN 1998FR60PRJunior582582
14ECH MARIBOR 2015300FR60PR595
14ECH GRANADA 2007300STR3X20579579
15ECH MOSCOW 2006AR60594594
15ECH PLZEN 2003FR3X4011651165
16ECH GYOR 2018AR60624.9
20ECH BAKU 2017FR60PR612.4
20ECH BELGRADE 2011300FR60PR592592
20ECH OSIJEK 2009FR60PR593593
21ECH TALLINN 1998AR60Junior581581
24ECH MARIBOR 2015FR3X401163
25ECH OSIJEK 2013300FR60PR590
30ECH BELGRADE 2005300FR3X4011161116
31ECH PLZEN 2003FR60PR593593
33ECH BELGRADE 2005300FR60PR579579
38ECH BOLOGNA 2019FR60PR619.1
42ECH OSIJEK 2013FR60PR618.8
43ECH MARIBOR 2015FR60PR619.4
44ECH ZAGREB 2001FR3X4011441144
51ECH BELGRADE 2005FR60PR585585
55ECH BELGRADE 2005FR3X4011371137
57ECH BELGRADE 2011FR60PR591591
4EUG MINSK 2019AR60627.8207.6
11EUG BAKU 2015FR60PR615.4
13EUG BAKU 2015FR3X401149
19EUG MINSK 2019FR3X401166
26EUG BAKU 2015AR60620.5