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DI DONNA, Roberto - ITA nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubTSN Verona
Year of birth1968Start of competing1983
Place of birthRome, ITAPractising shooter since1982
HometownVerona, ITAPersonal Coach 
ResidenceVerona, ITANational Coach 
Height (cm)178Handednessright
Weight (kg)76Master Eyeleft
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP60, CFP, STP, SPM, FP
Children1Other sport activities 
Higher educationDiplom for AccountingComments
ProfessionAthlete at Sport Military Group  
HobbiesCigars, watch collection, tracking  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG ATLANTA 1996AP6058599.2684.2
3OG ATLANTA 1996FP56992.8661.8
6OG SYDNEY 2000AP6058199.5680.5
7OG SYDNEY 2000FP56097.3657.3
8OG BARCELONA 1992AP6058197.5678.5
22OG BARCELONA 1992FP553553
23OG SEOUL 1988FP554554
3WCH MILAN 1994AP6058497.6681.6
5WCH BARCELONA 1998AP60582102.3684.3
6WCH MOSCOW 1990STP575575
11WCH BARCELONA 1998FP563563
23WCH ZAGREB 2006AP60577577
29WCH MILAN 1994FP551551
40WCH MUNICH 2010FP551551
47WCH LAHTI 2002AP60572572
56WCH MUNICH 2010AP60572572
1WCF LUGANO 1997AP60582101.9683.9
1WCF NAEFELS 1996AP6058499.2683.2
1WCF NAEFELS 1996FP56795.8662.8
1WCF MUNICH 1995FP56795.3662.3
2WCF MUNICH 1999AP60584100.8684.8
2WCF LUGANO 1997FP56892.2660.2
2WCF MUNICH 1995AP60586100.5686.5
2WCF MUNICH 1991FP56293655
2WCF MUNICH 1991AP6058399.2682.2
3WCF MUNICH 1994FP56096.9656.9
4WCF MUNICH 2000AP60584100.6684.6
4WCF MUNICH 1994AP6058199.4680.4
5WCF ZURICH 1998AP60583103.5686.5
7WCF MUNICH 2001AP6057497.2671.2
8WCF MUNICH 1999FP55490.8644.8
1WC MUNICH 2000AP60586102.1688.1
1WC MILANO 1999AP6058999.1688.1
1WC MUNICH 1999AP60589100.6689.6
1WC MUNICH 1999FP57097.2667.2
1WC ATLANTA 1998AP60590101.8691.8
1WC MILANO 1997FP57396669
1WC MUNICH 1997AP60589100.2689.2
1WC HAVANA 1997AP6058698.3684.3
1WC ATLANTA 1996FP57297.5669.5
1WC ATLANTA 1996AP60584103.1687.1
1WC MILAN 1996AP60592101.2693.2
1WC MILAN 1995AP60586100686
1WC HAVANA 1995FP56291.5653.5
1WC MILAN 1994AP6058399.5682.5
1WC BEIJING 1994FP56898666
1WC HAVANA 1994FP55895.6653.6
1WC HAVANA 1994AP60582102.6684.6
1WC LOS ANGELES 1993FP56595.2660.2
1WC ZURICH 1991AP60587100.6687.6
2WC ATLANTA 2001AP6058598.7683.7
2WC HAVANA 1997FP55894.7652.7
2WC HAVANA 1996FP56196.3657.3
2WC HAVANA 1996AP6058498.7682.7
2WC LOS ANGELES 1993AP6058397.6680.6
2WC ZURICH 1991FP56693659
2WC SEOUL 1991FP54989638
3WC MUNICH 1996AP6058599.9684.9
3WC MUNICH 1995AP60585101.4686.4
3WC HAVANA 1995AP6058199.9680.9
3WC BEIJING 1994AP6058595.5680.5
3WC MILAN 1994FP56195656
3WC LOS ANGELES 1991AP6058399.5682.5
3WC MEXICO CITY 1991FP55691647
4WC MILANO 2002AP60581101.5682.5
4WC MILANO 2000FP56297.6659.6
4WC SYDNEY 2000AP6058698.5684.5
4WC MILANO 1999FP56493.9657.9
4WC MILANO 1997AP6058097.9677.9
4WC MILAN 1996FP56890.9658.9
4WC BARCELONA 1994AP60582101.5683.5
4WC ZURICH 1987FP56889657
5WC MILANO 2001AP6058299.6681.6
5WC SEOUL 1999FP56396.8659.8
5WC MUNICH 1998AP60584100.1684.1
5WC MUNICH 1997FP56491.9655.9
5WC MILAN 1995FP559100.2659.2
5WC FORT BENNING 1994FP55997.2656.2
5WC MUNICH 1993AP60583100.3683.3
5WC MILAN 1992FP56491655
5WC MUNICH 1990FP56294656
5WC ZAGREB 1989AP6057796.3673.3
6WC MUNICH 2007AP6058399682
6WC ATLANTA 2000AP60583100.2683.2
6WC MUNICH 1996FP56694.6660.6
6WC BARCELONA 1994FP56694.5660.5
6WC MILAN 1993AP6058396.8679.8
6WC MUNICH 1992FP56391654
6WC MUNICH 1991AP6058099.9679.9
6WC MUNICH 1990AP60581100.5681.5
7WC ATLANTA 2000FP55695.3651.3
7WC SEOUL 1999AP6058399.8682.8
7WC MUNICH 1992AP6058298.4680.4
7WC SUHL 1992FP55792649
7WC MEXICO CITY 1991AP60576100.3676.3
7WC SEOUL 1991AP6057597.6672.6
7WC LOS ANGELES 1990AP6057897.3675.3
8WC SUHL 1992AP6057991.2670.2
8WC MEXICO CITY 1988FP55468622
9WC MUNICH 2009FP563563
9WC SYDNEY 2004AP60577577
9WC SHANGHAI 2002AP60580580
9WC MUNICH 2001AP60582582
9WC MILANO 1998FP560560
10WC MUNICH 2000FP560560
10WC MILANO 1998AP60580580
11WC SYDNEY 2002FP553553
11WC SYDNEY 2000FP559559
11WC ATLANTA 1998FP560560
11WC FORT BENNING 1994AP60575575
12WC FORT BENNING 2007AP60578578
12WC MILANO 2000AP60580580
13WC ATHENS 2004FP557557
13WC SYDNEY 2002AP60574574
13WC ATLANTA 2001FP534534
14WC MUNICH 2009AP60581581
15WC BELGRADE 2010FP556556
15WC SYDNEY 2004FP550550
16WC MUNICH 2001FP555555
17WC BANGKOK 2007FP557557
17WC RESENDE 2006FP551551
17WC BANGKOK 2004AP60578578
17WC BANGKOK 2004FP553553
17WC CHANGWON 2003AP60575575
18WC FORT BENNING 2007FP550550
21WC CHANGWON 2003FP548548
21WC MUNICH 1995FP556556
22WC FORT BENNING 2010AP60573573
22WC MUNICH 2005FP557557
24WC RESENDE 2006AP60575575
27WC MILAN 2006FP554554
27WC MUNICH 1998FP552552
28WC MUNICH 2005AP60579579
28WC MUNICH 2003FP550550
29WC MILANO 2002FP547547
30WC SHANGHAI 2002FP540540
31WC MUNICH 2006AP60577577
31WC MUNICH 2006FP553553
32WC MUNICH 2007FP554554
33WC ATHENS 2004AP60575575
34WC MILAN 2004FP551551
34WC MILANO 2001FP543543
36WC BANGKOK 2007AP60577577
44WC MUNICH 2003AP60573573
50WC ZAGREB 2003AP60569569
59WC MILAN 2004AP60569569
1ECH PONTEVEDRA 2001AP60583101.8684.8
1ECH ARNHEM 1999AP60586101.9687.9
1ECH ESPOO 1986AP60Junior580580
2ECH WARSAW 1997AP60584100.4684.4
2ECH VANTAA 1995AP60582102.8684.8
2ECH BRNO 1993FP56796.8663.8
2ECH STAVANGER 1988AP60Junior577577
2ECH BUDAPEST 1986STPJunior564564
3ECH MUNICH 2000AP60583101.6684.6
3ECH ZURICH 1995FP56594.9659.9
3ECH BRNO 1993AP60583100.9683.9
3ECH JOENSUU 1988SPMJunior587587
4ECH TALLINN 1998AP6058399.9682.9
4ECH BUDAPEST 1996AP6058498682
4ECH MANCHESTER 1991AP60583100.3683.3
4ECH DORTMUND 1983AP60Junior574574
5ECH ZURICH 1995STP572572
6ECH BOLOGNA 1991STP569569
7ECH BUDAPEST 1992AP6057997.6676.6
7ECH COPENHAGEN 1989AP6058098.2678.2
7ECH BRATISLAVA 1987AP60Junior572572
7ECH BUDAPEST 1986FPJunior546546
8ECH KOUVOLA 1997FP56094.4654.4
8ECH JOENSUU 1988FPJunior550550
9ECH OSIJEK 2009FP555555
12ECH ZAGREB 2001FP551551
12ECH STRASBOURG 1994AP60577577
13ECH BORDEAUX 1999FP558558
17ECH KOUVOLA 1997STP563563
20ECH BELGRADE 2005FP555555
21ECH GYOR 2004AP60577577
26ECH ZURICH 1995CFP573573
28ECH GOTHENBURG 2003AP60575575
32ECH ZAGREB 2001STP548548
33ECH MOSCOW 2006AP60573573
41ECH PLZEN 2003FP539539