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CHA, Young Chul - KOR nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1959Start of competing1982
Place of birthSeoul, KORPractising shooter since 
HometownSeoul, KORPersonal Coach 
ResidenceSeoul, KORNational CoachYoon Deok Ha
Height (cm)173Handednessright
Weight (kg)70Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
Children2Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigh SchoolComments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG SEOUL 1988FR60PR598104.8702.8
17OG BARCELONA 1992FR3X4011581158
18OG BARCELONA 1992FR60PR594594
36OG ATLANTA 1996FR60PR591591
40OG ATLANTA 1996FR3X4011541154
12WCH MILAN 1994FR60PR593593
52WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X4011261126
4WCF MUNICH 1992FR3X40116598.71263.7
9WCF LUGANO 1997FR3X4011601160
1WC SEOUL 1986FR60PR599103.1702.1
3WC MILANO 1997FR3X40116994.61263.6
3WC MUNICH 1992FR3X40116296.81258.8
3WC SUHL 1992FR3X40116888.31256.3
3WC SEOUL 1991FR3X401163971260
4WC SEOUL 1997FR60PR594100.9694.9
4WC SUHL 1989FR60PR594103.2697.2
4WC SEOUL 1987FR60PR600101.6701.6EWR
5WC SEOUL 1997FR3X40116491.11255.1
6WC ZURICH 1991FR3X40116396.91259.9
6WC ZAGREB 1991FR3X40115897.21255.2
6WC MEXICO CITY 1987FR60PR597100.2697.2
7WC MUNICH 1988FR60PR598102.3700.3
8WC LOS ANGELES 1990FR3X40116194.81255.8
8WC MUNICH 1989FR3X40116189.71250.7
9WC MILANO 1997FR60PR590590
11WC MUNICH 1997FR3X4011581158
11WC MILAN 1995FR60PR593593
13WC SEOUL 2001FR60PR590590
14WC MUNICH 1997FR60PR593593
15WC HIROSHIMA 1995FR60PR592592
16WC HIROSHIMA 1995FR3X4011561156
17WC MILAN 1996FR60PR593593
20WC SEOUL 2001FR3X4011351135
20WC BEIJING 1994FR3X4011531153
21WC MILAN 1995FR3X4011581158
23WC BANGKOK 2004FR60PR587587
25WC MUNICH 1995FR3X4011571157
28WC ATLANTA 1996FR3X4011541154
28WC ATLANTA 1996FR60PR591591
28WC MILAN 1996FR3X4011561156
29WC SEOUL 1995FR60PR587587
29WC BEIJING 1994FR60PR588588
30WC BANGKOK 2004FR3X4011451145
31WC SEOUL 1995FR3X4011551155
36WC MUNICH 1999FR3X4011531153
38WC MUNICH 1996FR3X4011501150
41WC MUNICH 1996FR60PR588588
48WC MUNICH 1995FR60PR589589
52WC SEOUL 1999FR3X4011371137
55WC MILANO 1999FR3X4011441144
56WC MILANO 1999FR60PR583583
58WC MUNICH 1999FR60PR588588
73WC MUNICH 1995AR60579579
4ASC LANGKAWI 2000FR60PR590101.7691.7
4ASC JAKARTA 1995FR3X40115299.21251.2
6ASC JAKARTA 1995FR60PR590101.1691.1
6ASC BEIJING 1991FR3X40114988.81237.8
7ASC BEIJING 1991FR60PR59592.7687.7
7ASC BEIJING 1987FR3X40113891.51229.5
14ASC LANGKAWI 2000FR3X4011421142
1ASG SEOUL 1986FR60PR599103.1702.1
3ASG HIROSHIMA 1994FR3X40115193.91244.9
3ASG BEIJING 1990FR60PR593101.5694.5
6ASG BEIJING 1990FR3X40114897.21245.2
10ASG BUSAN 2002FR3X4011511151
12ASG BANGKOK 1998FR3X4011381138
13ASG HIROSHIMA 1994FR60PR587587
20ASG BANGKOK 1998FR60PR581581