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ALDEEHANI, Fehaid - KUW nation flag  

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GenderMClubKuwait Shooting Club
Year of birth1966Start of competing1989
Place of birthKuwait City, KUWPractising shooter since1988
HometownKuwait City, KUWPersonal Coach 
ResidenceKuwait City, KUWNational CoachMirco Cince
Height (cm)176Handednessright
Weight (kg)95Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsTR125, DT150, TR
Children4Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 
HobbiesSoccer, karate, hunting  

Latest news about this athlete

Aldeehani secures Independent Olympic Athletes team’s first medal in Rio at the Double Trap final

The 49-year old Olympic multi-medalist rely on his long experience to overcome difficult weather conditions at the Olympic Shooting Centre in Deodoro, to claim the best result of his 30-year long career.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016DT150135 (28)26IOA
3OG LONDON 2012TR12512421145
3OG SYDNEY 2000DT15014145186
4OG LONDON 2012DT15014045185
8OG ATHENS 2004DT150134134
10OG ATLANTA 1996DT150136136
20OG ATLANTA 1996TR125119119
29OG BARCELONA 1992TR140140
3WCH TAMPERE 1999DT15013746183
6WCH BARCELONA 1998DT15014141182
7WCH GRANADA 2014TR125123
9WCH NICOSIA 2003DT150138138
9WCH CAIRO 2001DT150139139
10WCH MUNICH 2010DT150144144
15WCH NICOSIA 1995TR125121121
22WCH BELGRADE 2011DT150142142
26WCH GRANADA 2014DT150135
30WCH LAHTI 2002DT150132132
31WCH LONATO 2015DT150130
32WCH MOSCOW 2017DT150125
32WCH MOSCOW 2017TR125117
34WCH FAGNANO 1994TR125116116
55WCH LONATO 2015TR125114
80WCH TAMPERE 1999TR125109109
3WCF MARIBOR 2012DT15014347190
3WCF DOHA 2001DT15013546181
3WCF NICOSIA 2000DT15014246188
4WCF KUWAIT CITY 1999DT15014045185
6WCF ROME 2016DT150143 (27)ISP
7WCF GABALA 2014TR125121
7WCF MUNICH 1995TR125118118
8WCF IZMIR 2010DT150139139
8WCF MONTECATINI 1996DT150128128
9WCF MARIBOR 2012TR125117117
1WC NEW DEHLI 2000DT15013945184
1WC LONATO 2000DT15013746183
2WC SYDNEY 2002DT15014445189
2WC SEOUL 2001DT15014546191
2WC KUMAMOTO 1999DT15014446190
3WC MUNICH 2014TR125124 (14)15
3WC ALMATY 2014TR125120 (14)14
3WC LONATO 2010DT15014647193
3WC LONATO 1996DT15013746183
3WC NICOSIA 1995TR12512023143
3WC SEOUL 1993TR12511521136
4WC ACAPULCO 2015DT150141 (28)28
4WC LONATO 2012DT15014545190
4WC BEIJING 2010DT15014540185
5WC CAIRO 2000DT15013644180
5WC LONATO 1999DT15013741178
5WC LATSIA 1999DT15014045185
6WC TUCSON 2012DT15014545190
6WC LONATO 1998DT15013438172
7WC LIMA 1999DT150135135
7WC LIMA 1999TR125117117
7WC BRUNEI 1998DT150138138
8WC GRANADA 2013DT150140
8WC SHANGHAI 2002DT150136136
9WC SANTO DOMINGO 2002DT150138138
9WC NICOSIA 2001DT150136136
10WC MUNICH 2014DT150144
10WC CAIRO 2004DT150126126
10WC SYDNEY 2000DT150135135
10WC ATLANTA 1998DT150129129
10WC LIMA 1996DT150130130
11WC BEIJING 2011DT150137137
11WC AMERICANA 2005DT150132132
12WC AL AIN 2013DT150137
12WC GRANADA 2003DT150133133
14WC ACAPULCO 2015TR125121
15WC LARNAKA 2015DT150136
15WC LONDON 2012TR125117117
15WC LONATO 2001DT150133133
16WC NICOSIA 2013DT150129
16WC LAHTI 1995TR125119119
17WC AL AIN 2015DT150136
17WC TUCSON 2014DT150133
17WC TUCSON 2014TR125115
17WC ATHENS 2004DT150128128
18WC TUCSON 2012TR125116116
18WC SAN MARINO 2009DT150135135
18WC FAGNANO 1994TR125116116
19WC LONDON 2012DT150134134
19WC LONATO 2003DT150125125
20WC LARNAKA 2015TR125121
20WC AL AIN 2013TR125120
20WC LATSIA 1999TR125119119
21WC CAIRO 1998DT150123123
22WC GABALA 2015DT150137
23WC ALMATY 2014DT150129
23WC LONATO 1996TR125116116
23WC NICOSIA 1995DT150113113
24WC DORSET 2010DT150133133
24WC CHIBA 1995DT150118118
25WC LONATO 2012TR125114114
25WC MARIBOR 2011DT150139139
26WC GRANADA 2013TR125121
26WC MINSK 2009DT150126126
26WC SUHL 1996DT150128128
28WC LONATO 1997TR125113113
28WC NICOSIA 1997TR125110110
29WC CAIRO 1994TR125106106
33WC CHIBA 1995TR125108108
34WC NICOSIA 1994TR125118118
35WC LONATO 1999TR125112112
38WC SEOUL 1995DT150122122
38WC SEOUL 1995TR125113113
42WC BRUNEI 1998TR125112112
46WC ATLANTA 1996DT150121121
55WC ATLANTA 1996TR125114114
61WC NICOSIA 2013TR125111
62WC GABALA 2015TR125118
69WC KUMAMOTO 1999TR1255555
115WC AL AIN 2015TR12592
1ASC BANGKOK 2010DT15013642178
1ASC LANGKAWI 2000DT15013846184
1ASC KUWAIT CITY 1999TR12512321144
1ASC MANILA 1993TR12511723140
2ASC ALMATY 2013TR125121 (14)12
2ASC PATIALA 2012DT15013648184
2ASC DOHA 2012DT15013842180
2ASC KUWAIT CITY 1999DT15013644180
4ASC BEIJING 1991TR19023213
7ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004DT150131131
7ASC BANGKOK 2001DT150123123
8ASC ALMATY 2013DT150131
8ASC PATIALA 2012TR125105105
8ASC BANGKOK 2005DT150127127
8ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004TR125117117
8ASC JAKARTA 1995TR125119119
9ASC MANILA 1993DT150110110
1ASG BANGKOK 1998TR12511822140
1ASG HIROSHIMA 1994DT15014542187WR
2ASG INCHEON 2014DT150142 (29)25
2ASG INCHEON 2014TR125122 (14)12
3ASG HIROSHIMA 1994TR12512122143
4ASG GUANGZHOU 2010DT15013744181
10ASG BUSAN 2002DT150134134
12ASG BANGKOK 1998DT150120120