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OTRYAD, Gundegmaa - MGL nation flag  

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Year of birth1978Start of competing1995
Place of birthUlaanbaatar, MGLPractising shooter since1993
HometownUlaanbaatar, MGLPersonal CoachUndralbat, L.
ResidenceUlaanbaatar, MGLNational CoachUndralbat Lkhagva
Height (cm)168Handednessright
Weight (kg)66Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP40, AP60W, SP
Children4Other sport activities 
Higher educationUniversityComments
HobbiesTravelling, reading  

Latest news about this athlete

Boneva (BUL) and Otryad (MGL) climb Fort Benning's podium once again

The two shooters met again at today's 10m Air Pistol Women final, after fighting for the medals at the 25m Pistol Women event three days ago.


Mongolia's Otryad clinches second consecutive world cup gold of the season in Fort Benning

The 2008 Olympic Silver medallist beat Bulgaria's Boneva in the Gold medal match, pocketing her second world cup gold in a row. Reigning world champion Zhang won the Bronze medal match. Rio 2016 Olympic Quota places went to Bulgaria and France.


Mongolia's Otryad claimed 25m Pistol Women Gold and an Olympic berth at Changwon's World Cup

The 25m Pistol Women Final closed Day-2 of the ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup in Changwon, being the last of the three medal matches conducted today.


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Otryad of Mongolia wins 25m Pistol Women at Munich World Cup

She beat Germany's Dorjsuren. They were both on the podium at Beijing 2008



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG BEIJING 2008SP590202.2792.2EOR
5OG ATLANTA 1996SP580101.3681.3
6OG ATHENS 2004SP583100.4683.4
6OG SYDNEY 2000SP58199.9680.9
9OG SYDNEY 2000AP40382382
12OG BEIJING 2008AP40382382
16OG ATHENS 2004AP40380380
18OG LONDON 2012AP40380380
27OG LONDON 2012SP577577
30OG ATLANTA 1996AP40372372
3WCH ZAGREB 2006SP581204.2785.2
10WCH ZAGREB 2006AP40383383
13WCH LAHTI 2002SP578578
23WCH MUNICH 2010SP579579
24WCH BARCELONA 1998AP40378378
26WCH LAHTI 2002AP40378378
31WCH MUNICH 2010AP40379379
35WCH GRANADA 2014AP40378
44WCH BARCELONA 1998SP570570
1WCF GRANADA 2006SP586204.6790.6
2WCF MUNICH 2015SP583 (17)3
2WCF GABALA 2014SP583 (21)3
3WCF MUNICH 2005SP586203.7789.7
3WCF BANGKOK 2004SP586102688
3WCF MILAN 2003SP584103.2687.2
4WCF BANGKOK 2007SP583204.3787.3
5WCF BOLOGNA 2016SP58221
5WCF WROCLAW 2011SP581202.9783.9
5WCF BANGKOK 2008SP578206.1784.1
6WCF BOLOGNA 2016AP40381116.5
7WCF MILAN 2003AP4038399.7482.7
9WCF BANGKOK 2004AP40379379
1WC FORT BENNING 2015SP584 (17)7
1WC CHANGWON 2015SP582 (18)7
1WC MUNICH 2014SP584 (21)8
1WC MILAN 2008SP583204.9787.9
1WC MUNICH 2006SP590203.4793.4
1WC MILAN 2005SP592203795
1WC ATHENS 2004AP40385101.6486.6
1WC SYDNEY 2004SP591101.2692.2
1WC BANGKOK 2004SP591100.5691.5
2WC FORT BENNING 2015AP40384197.3
2WC MARIBOR 2014SP584 (21)5
2WC FORT BENNING 2011SP585204.8789.8
2WC BANGKOK 2007SP580203.3783.3
2WC CHANGWON 2005SP592204.5796.5
2WC CHANGWON 2003SP584101.4685.4
3WC BANGKOK 2016SP588 (15)8
3WC MUNICH 2007SP585200785
3WC GUANGZHOU 2006SP583204.8787.8
3WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003AP4038299.6481.6
3WC FORT BENNING, COLUMBUS, GA 2003SP582101.5683.5
4WC MILAN 2004SP582101683
5WC CHANGWON 2011SP585202.1787.1
5WC FORT BENNING 2010AP40384100.6484.6
5WC SYDNEY 2004AP4038597.1482.1
5WC CHANGWON 2003AP4038696.7482.7
5WC ZAGREB 2003SP580102.5682.5
5WC SEOUL 1997SP58299.6681.6
6WC BANGKOK 2016AP40392116.4
6WC MARIBOR 2014AP40384114.5
6WC MILAN 2004AP4038397.7480.7
6WC MILANO 1998AP4038397.8480.8
7WC FORT BENNING 2010SP583204.4787.4
7WC GUANGZHOU 2006AP4038695.8481.8
7WC CHANGWON 2005AP4038297.3479.3
8WC BAKU 2016AP4038374.9
8WC MUNICH 1998SP58397.9680.9
9WC MUNICH 2014AP40384
9WC ATHENS 2004SP580580
9WC MUNICH 2000AP40385385
10WC MUNICH 2008SP580580
10WC BEIJING 2008SP580580
10WC MILAN 2005AP40382382
10WC MUNICH 1996SP582582
11WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AP40380380
12WC MUNICH 2007AP40383383
12WC MUNICH 2006AP40384384
12WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005SP579579
12WC MILANO 1998SP578578
12WC HAVANA 1996AP40375375
13WC CHANGWON 2015AP40383
13WC MUNICH 2012SP581581
13WC LONDON 2012SP581581
13WC BEIJING 2010SP578578
14WC MUNICH 2015SP580
14WC SEOUL 1999SP579579
14WC SEOUL 1999AP40379379
14WC HAVANA 1996SP570570
15WC SEOUL 1997AP40372372
15WC ATLANTA 1996AP40379379
16WC BAKU 2016SP577
16WC CHANGWON 2011AP40382382
17WC MUNICH 1998AP40380380
18WC MILAN 2012SP580580
18WC ZAGREB 2003AP40380380
19WC SYDNEY 2011SP577577
19WC BELGRADE 2010SP578578
20WC GABALA 2015SP578
20WC FORT BENNING 2011AP40381381
20WC MUNICH 2003SP574574
21WC BEIJING 1994SP556556
22WC BEIJING 2010AP40380380
22WC SHANGHAI 2002SP573573
23WC SYDNEY 2011AP40378378
23WC MILAN 2008AP40381381
24WC BANGKOK 2004AP40378378
25WC SHANGHAI 2002AP40374374
25WC ATLANTA 1996SP575575
26WC BEIJING 2008AP40380380
27WC FORT BENNING 2007SP570570
29WC MUNICH 2008AP40380380
30WC FORT BENNING 2007AP40375375
32WC BELGRADE 2010AP40378378
33WC BANGKOK 2007AP40379379
37WC MILAN 2012AP40376376
40WC MUNICH 2011SP573573
41WC GABALA 2015AP40377
45WC MUNICH 2016SP570
45WC MUNICH 2012AP40376376
51WC MUNICH 2016AP40377
52WC LONDON 2012AP40375375
53WC MUNICH 1996AP40367367
57WC MUNICH 2000SP560560
58WC MUNICH 2003AP40373373
65WC CHANGWON 2018AP60W551
93WC MUNICH 2011AP40371371
101WC MUNICH 2015AP40368
1ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004SP590101.1691.1
2ASC WAKO CITY 2017AP40383241.6
3ASC NANJING 2008AP4038397.2480.2
3ASC BANGKOK 2005AP40380102.3482.3
4ASC KUWAIT 2007SP577203.5780.5
6ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004AP4038198.4479.4
6ASC JAKARTA 1995SP57596671
8ASC LANGKAWI 2000AP4038290.5472.5
13ASC KUWAIT 2007AP40381381
13ASC JAKARTA 1995AP40372372
15ASC LANGKAWI 2000SP568568
17ASC KUWAIT CITY 2011AP40375375
3ASG INCHEON 2014SP587 (18)7
3ASG BUSAN 2002SP583103.7686.7
4ASG DOHA 2006SP577204781
5ASG GUANGZHOU 2010SP578204782
5ASG BUSAN 2002AP4037896.6474.6
6ASG BANGKOK 1998SP576101.1677.1
8ASG INCHEON 2014AP4038275.9
8ASG DOHA 2006AP4038196.6477.6
10ASG GUANGZHOU 2010AP40381381
13ASG BANGKOK 1998AP40375375