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BOTCHKAREV, Viatcheslav - RUS nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubCentral Sport Club of Air Force
Year of birth1968Start of competing1985
Place of birthFrounze, RUSPractising shooter since1980
HometownSamara, RUSPersonal CoachV. Grohin, A. Mitrofanov
ResidenceSamara, RUSNational CoachK. Ivanov
Height (cm)173Handednessright
Weight (kg)68Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, FR40KN, FR40ST, FR3X20
Children1Other sport activities 
Higher educationHigh SchoolComments 
HobbiesComputer, skiing, tennis  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
18OG ATLANTA 1996FR3X4011631163
1WCH MOSCOW 1990FR60PR597104.8701.8URS
5WCH SARAJEVO 1989AR6058999.6688.6URS
7WCH MOSCOW 1990FR3X40116395.81258.8URS
10WCH LAHTI 2002FR3X4011501150
33WCH ZAGREB 2006FR3X4011581158
36WCH MILAN 1994FR3X4011511151
43WCH MILAN 1994FR60PR588588
7WCF MUNICH 1990FR3X40116296.31258.3URS
8WCF GRANADA 2006FR60PR594100.5694.5
1WC MEXICO CITY 1990FR3X40116098.91258.9URS
1WC ZURICH 1989FR3X40117099.91269.9URS
2WC MILAN 2006FR60PR596101.9697.9
3WC MILAN 2005FR3X40116597.51262.5
3WC MILAN 1994AR60590103.1693.1
5WC SHANGHAI 2002FR3X40117395.41268.4
5WC MILAN 1996FR60PR597100.9697.9
5WC HIROSHIMA 1995FR60PR596101.6697.6
5WC SEOUL 1991FR3X40115998.41257.4URS
5WC ZURICH 1990AR60590102.5692.5URS
6WC SEOUL 1991FR60PR592102.6694.6URS
6WC ZURICH 1989FR60PR595100.9695.9URS
6WC ZURICH 1989AR60586103.4689.4URS
7WC MILAN 2004FR60PR596102.4698.4
7WC MUNICH 1997FR3X40116194.21255.2
7WC BEIJING 1994FR3X40116495.81259.8
7WC BEIJING 1994AR60589100.2689.2
7WC SEOUL 1991AR60586100686URS
7WC MEXICO CITY 1990FR60PR596100.5696.5URS
8WC HIROSHIMA 1995FR3X40116095.81255.8
9WC MILANO 2002FR60PR594594
13WC MILAN 1996FR3X4011641164
14WC MUNICH 2003FR3X4011661166
14WC MUNICH 1995AR60589589
17WC MILAN 1994FR60PR590590
19WC MILANO 2002FR3X4011621162
19WC MILANO 1998FR3X4011571157
20WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR60PR594594
20WC MUNICH 1997FR60PR592592
22WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005FR3X4011601160
27WC SYDNEY 2007FR3X4011591159
29WC MILAN 2004FR3X4011551155
30WC MILAN 1994FR3X4011451145
31WC MILAN 2005FR60PR590590
32WC MILAN 2008FR3X4011551155
33WC MILANO 1998AR60587587
34WC BANGKOK 2007FR60PR591591
35WC MILAN 2008FR60PR591591
37WC SYDNEY 2007FR60PR588588
37WC ZAGREB 2003FR3X4011541154
37WC MUNICH 1995FR60PR591591
38WC HIROSHIMA 1995AR60581581
40WC MILAN 2006FR3X4011451145
40WC SHANGHAI 2002FR60PR589589
41WC MILAN 1996AR60584584
1ECH COPENHAGEN 1989AR60591104.9695.9FWRURS
1ECH ZAGREB 1989FR60PR600102.4702.4WR, FWRURS
1ECH JOENSUU 1988FR3X20Junior592592WRJURS
2ECH ZAGREB 1989FR3X40116497.51261.5URS
4ECH PLZEN 2003FR3X40117098.51268.5
5ECH LAHTI 1987FR3X20Junior576576URS
6ECH STRASBOURG 1994AR60591101.3692.3
7ECH KOUVOLA 1997FR3X40116795.61262.6
7ECH LAHTI 1987FR60PRJunior594594URS
7ECH BRATISLAVA 1987AR60Junior580580URS
12ECH ZAGREB 2001FR60PR594594
31ECH PLZEN 2003FR60PR593593
43ECH BELGRADE 2005FR60PR587587
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