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FOKEEV, Vitaly - RUS nation flag  

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GenderMClubRussian Shooting Club
Year of birth1974Start of competing1994
Place of birthRUSPractising shooter since1994
HometownRostov-on-Don, RUSPersonal CoachIrina Kravchuk
ResidenceRUSNational CoachSergej Shushkov
Height (cm)180Handednessright
Weight (kg)90Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsDT150
Children2Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
HobbiesHunting, fishing  

Latest news about this athlete

Fokeev claims the Double Trap Men gold, and looks forward to the World Championship

The Russian shooter beat Hu Binyuan of the People's Republic of China in a thrilling shoot-off at the end of the Gold medal match. With two world cup medals around his neck, Fokeev looks now forward to the 2014 ISSF World Championship to take place in Granada, Spain, the next September: 'That's the most important competition of the year'.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
5OG LONDON 2012DT15013945184
10OG ATHENS 2004DT150134134
11OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016DT150133
16OG BEIJING 2008DT150130130
1WCH MOSCOW 2017DT15014168
1WCH ZAGREB 2006DT15014050190
4WCH BELGRADE 2011DT15014647193
6WCH GRANADA 2014DT150143 (26)
6WCH LONATO 2005DT15013842180
9WCH MUNICH 2010DT150144144
9WCH BARCELONA 1998DT150139139
15WCH MARIBOR 2009DT150139139
16WCH LIMA 2013DT150130
17WCH LONATO 2015DT150134
18WCH CAIRO 2001DT150137137
18WCH LIMA 1997DT150129129
19WCH NICOSIA 2003DT150134134
21WCH NICOSIA 2007DT150137137
23WCH LAHTI 2002DT150134134
34WCH TAMPERE 1999DT150126126
40WCH NICOSIA 1995DT150127127
1WCF GRANADA 2006DT15014447191
3WCF AL AIN 2011DT15013847185
5WCF ABU DHABI 2013DT150136 (27)
5WCF KUWAIT CITY 1999DT15013844182
7WCF GABALA 2014DT150140
7WCF BEIJING 2009DT150140140
7WCF BELGRADE 2007DT150139139
10WCF LONATO 2002DT150130130
11WCF MARIBOR 2012DT150131131
12WCF IZMIR 2010DT150134134
1WC BEIJING 2014DT150146 (28)28
1WC CONCEPCION 2011DT15014846194WR
1WC QINGYUAN CITY 2006DT15014348191
2WC LONATO 2012DT15014249191
2WC LONATO 2010DT15014647193
2WC DORSET 2010DT15014347190
2WC LONATO 2007DT15014048188
3WC TUCSON 2014DT150142 (26)25
3WC GRANADA 2013DT150144 (23)28
3WC MINSK 2009DT15014248190
3WC SUHL 2006DT15014046186
3WC SHANGHAI 2002DT15013847185
4WC KERRVILLE 2006DT15013945184
4WC ATHENS 2004DT15013937176
4WC KUMAMOTO 1999DT15014346189
5WC BELGRADE 2005DT15014142183
6WC BEIJING 2011DT15014135176
6WC KERRVILLE 2008DT15014042182
6WC SYDNEY 2002DT15013946185
7WC BEIJING 2008DT150139139
8WC ACAPULCO 2015DT150139
8WC AL AIN 2013DT150139
8WC BEIJING 2010DT150140140
8WC BELGRADE 2008DT150141141
8WC AMERICANA 2005DT150134134
8WC NEW DEHLI 2000DT150131131
8WC LIMA 1999DT150134134
9WC CHANGWON 2005DT150130130
9WC CAIRO 2000DT150133133
9WC CAIRO 1998DT150131131
10WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016DT150134
10WC AL AIN 2015DT150138
10WC MUNICH 2009DT150142142
10WC LONATO 2003DT150129129
10WC LONATO 1998DT150131131
10WC LONATO 1997DT150128128
11WC LARNAKA 2017DT150131
12WC LARNAKA 2015DT150138
12WC LONDON 2012DT150137137
12WC SYDNEY 2011DT150137137
12WC NICOSIA 1997DT150119119
14WC TUCSON 2012DT150141141
15WC NEW DELHI 2003DT150130130
16WC NICOSIA 2016DT150133
16WC PERTH 2003DT150125125
18WC ALMATY 2014DT150130
18WC SEOUL 2001DT150128128
20WC MUNICH 2014DT150139
22WC LONATO 1996DT150127127
26WC LATSIA 1999DT150129129
27WC GRANADA 2003DT150128128
31WC CHANGWON 2007DT150129129
1ECH BAKU 2017DT15014270
2ECH GRANADA 2007DT15014246188
5ECH MARIBOR 2015DT150142 (25)
5ECH SARLOSPUSZTA 2014DT150137 (24)
5ECH KAZAN 2010DT15013847185
5ECH LONATO 2002DT15013643179
5ECH MONTECATINI 2000DT15013140171
6ECH OSIJEK 2009DT15014045185
9ECH LARNAKA 2012DT150139139
9ECH NICOSIA 2008DT150138138
9ECH BELGRADE 2005DT150138138
9ECH TALLINN 1996DT150134134
11ECH MARIBOR 2006DT150132132
11ECH NICOSIA 2004DT150130130
11ECH POUSSAN 1999DT150125125
12ECH SUHL 2013DT150136
12ECH BELGRADE 2011DT150141141
12ECH BRNO 2003DT150133133
15ECH SIPOO 1997DT150131131
16ECH NICOSIA 1998DT150137137
26ECH ZAGREB 2001DT150125125
1EUG BAKU 2015DT150142 (29)29