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KOLESOV, Igor - RUS nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1971Start of competing1989
Place of birthMoscow, RUSPractising shooter since1984
HometownMoscow, RUSPersonal CoachValenton Kouznetsov
Residence National CoachIgor Sokolov
Height (cm)185Handednessright
Weight (kg)80Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEvents10RT, 10RTMIX, 50RT, 50RTMIX
Children1Other sport activities 
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RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
7OG SYDNEY 200010RT57691.5667.5
3WCH BARCELONA 199810RT57997.4676.4
4WCH HEINOLA 200950RTMIX391391
5WCH ZAGREB 200650RT586586
6WCH MILAN 199410RTMIX379379
8WCH PLZEN 200810RT572572
8WCH LAHTI 200210RT575575
9WCH HEINOLA 200950RT583583
9WCH PLZEN 200850RTMIX389389
9WCH ZAGREB 200650RTMIX389389
10WCH MILAN 199450RTMIX391391
12WCH LAHTI 200250RT586586
14WCH HEINOLA 200910RT565565
14WCH LAHTI 200210RTMIX380380
15WCH PLZEN 200850RT579579
15WCH MILAN 199410RT563563
20WCH MILAN 199450RT580580
25WCH ZAGREB 200610RTMIX369369
2WCF MUNICH 200210RT58396.6679.6
6WCF LUGANO 199710RT57896.3674.3
8WCF MUNICH 199910RT56966.2635.2
8WCF ZURICH 199810RT57098.3668.3
1WC PLZEN 200210RT58896684WR
1WC SEOUL 199710RT57295.3667.3
2WC SHANGHAI 200210RT58197.8678.8
2WC MUNICH 199710RT57899.6677.6
4WC ATLANTA 199910RT58195.6676.6
4WC GUATEMALA CITY 199810RT572101.3673.3
5WC BANGKOK 200410RT57794.8671.8
6WC CHANGWON 200310RT57594.1669.1
6WC ATLANTA 199810RT57799.8676.8
7WC SEOUL 199910RT57793.9670.9
12WC MILAN 200410RT572572
12WC MUNICH 199510RT568568
13WC PLZEN 199610RT568568
14WC MUNICH 199810RT566566
16WC ATHENS 200410RT573573
22WC MUNICH 200010RT567567
33WC MUNICH 199910RT561561
1ECH SIPOO 199750RT592592
4ECH TALLINN 200510RT574574
4ECH ZAGREB 200150RT590590
5ECH BELGRADE 200550RT586586
5ECH WARSAW 199710RT57695.3671.3
6ECH GOTHENBURG 200310RT57693.1669.1
6ECH TALLINN 199810RTMIX382382
6ECH SIPOO 199750RTMIX391391
7ECH OSIJEK 200950RT584584
8ECH ZAGREB 200150RTMIX390390
9ECH GRANADA 200750RT586586
9ECH PLZEN 200350RTMIX387387
9ECH TALLINN 199810RT572572
10ECH GRANADA 200750RTMIX387387
10ECH PLZEN 200350RT585585
11ECH BELGRADE 200550RTMIX386386
13ECH OSIJEK 200950RTMIX385385
13ECH BUDAPEST 199610RTMIX381381
14ECH ARNHEM 199910RTMIX378378
16ECH TALLINN 200510RTMIX371371
17ECH MUNICH 200010RT568568
19ECH BUDAPEST 199610RT570570
21ECH WARSAW 199710RTMIX371371
22ECH MUNICH 200010RTMIX375375
23ECH ARNHEM 199910RT562562
26ECH VANTAA 199510RT558558
27ECH VANTAA 199510RTMIX371371