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MANCINI, Manuel - SMR nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderMClubSan Marino / Conselice Italy
Year of birth1982Start of competing2000
Place of birthSMRPractising shooter since1900
HometownSMRPersonal CoachDi Mari Luca
ResidenceSMRNational CoachDi Mari Luca
Height (cm)180Handednessright
Weight (kg)80Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsTR125, DT150
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments
HobbiesHunting, Pool, Swimming  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
8WCH LIMA 2013TR125120
15WCH MUNICH 2010TR125120120
17WCH MARIBOR 2009TR125120120
28WCH ZAGREB 2006TR125117117
36WCH CAIRO 2001TR125Junior101101
40WCH MOSCOW 2017TR125116
44WCH BELGRADE 2011TR125118118
49WCH LONATO 2015TR125115
64WCH GRANADA 2014TR125118
74WCH NICOSIA 2007TR125115115
94WCH NICOSIA 2003TR125111111
99WCH LONATO 2005TR125106106
10WC LARNAKA 2015TR125122
10WC BEIJING 2011TR125118118
12WC DORSET 2010TR125119119
16WC CONCEPCION 2011TR125119119
19WC SAN MARINO 2009TR125115115
20WC GABALA 2015TR125122
21WC ACAPULCO 2015TR125120
21WC LONDON 2012TR125116116
21WC SYDNEY 2011TR125115115
21WC MUNICH 2009TR125121121
23WC AL AIN 2015TR125119
25WC BELGRADE 2008TR125116116
26WC ACAPULCO 2010TR125116116
44WC SAN MARINO 2016DT150104
46WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016TR125109
46WC MUNICH 2014TR125121
56WC BAKU 2016TR125112
57WC LONATO 2010TR125112112
60WC ATHENS 2004TR125102102
61WC SUHL 2008TR125114114
62WC MARIBOR 2011TR125116116
76WC LARNAKA 2017TR125112
78WC MARIBOR 2007TR125109109
79WC SUHL 2006TR125110110
87WC LONATO 2001TR125101101
92WC ROME 2005TR1259999
101WC LONATO 2007TR125109109
15ECH LONATO 2002TR125Junior104104
16ECH GRANADA 2007TR125118118
20ECH NICOSIA 2008TR125119119
22ECH KAZAN 2010TR125116116
23ECH OSIJEK 2009TR125115115
24ECH BAKU 2017TR125114
29ECH LONATO 2016TR125116
36ECH NICOSIA 2004TR125114114
39ECH BELGRADE 2005TR125113113
46ECH LARNAKA 2012TR125112112
49ECH SUHL 2013TR125117
57ECH MARIBOR 2006TR125109109
64ECH BELGRADE 2011TR125115115
72ECH MARIBOR 2015TR125109
6EUG BAKU 2015TR125122 (11)