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BIN FUTAIS, Saif - UAE nation flag  

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Year of birth1973Start of competing1999
Place of birthDubai, UAEPractising shooter since1999
HometownDubai, UAEPersonal Coach 
ResidenceDubai, UAENational Coach 
Height (cm) Handednessleft
Weight (kg)93Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsSK125
Children Other sport activities 
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Latest news about this athlete

UAE’s Saif Bin Futtais secures the Skeet Men Gold in the closing event of the Asia Olympic Qualifying Competition

The Emirian shooter, despite not battling for one of the four quotas up for grabs, bested Independent Shooting Participant Saud Habib in the Gold medal match, while the Bronze went to another UAE’s shooter, Saeed Almaktoum.


Saif Bin Futtais claims Skeet Men Gold and Rio 2016 quota on day-2 of Larnaca's world cup

UAE's flag bearer won three shoot-offs on his way to the highest step of the podium, beating Sweden's Marcus Svensson in the gold medal match.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
29OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016SK125114
6WCH BELGRADE 2011SK12512423147
7WCH LIMA 2013SK125122
11WCH LAHTI 2002SK125119119
26WCH GRANADA 2014SK125119
40WCH MOSCOW 2017SK125118
46WCH MUNICH 2010SK125117117
48WCH CHANGWON 2018SK125119
66WCH CAIRO 2001SK125112112
69WCH LONATO 2015SK125115
71WCH MARIBOR 2009SK125113113
72WCH LONATO 2019SK125115
80WCH ZAGREB 2006SK125112112
86WCH NICOSIA 2007SK125113113
4WCF NICOSIA 2015SK125122 (14)14
9WCF NEW DELHI 2017SK125120
1WC LARNAKA 2015SK125122 (15)14
2WC NEW DELHI 2021SK12512251
3WC ACAPULCO 2013SK125119 (15)15
5WC NEW DELHI 2017SK12512227
6WC LARNAKA 2017SK12512416
6WC GABALA 2015SK125124 (12)
6WC BEIJING 2014SK125121 (12)
6WC BEIJING 2010SK12512023143
8WC TUCSON 2018SK125121
9WC AL AIN 2015SK125121
9WC NICOSIA 2013SK125121
10WC SUHL 2006SK125118118
11WC BEIJING 2011SK125122122
14WC MUNICH 2009SK125121121
14WC CHANGWON 2007SK125118118
16WC LONATO 2012SK125118118
16WC MARIBOR 2011SK125121121
17WC CAIRO 2009SK125119119
17WC CAIRO 2006SK125120120
19WC SYDNEY 2011SK125120120
20WC MINSK 2009SK125116116
21WC CAIRO 2021SK125116
21WC NICOSIA 2016SK125117
21WC SYDNEY 2004SK125119119
22WC ACAPULCO 2019SK125120
24WC CHANGWON 2018SK125118
25WC SHANGHAI 2002SK125116116
26WC BAKU 2016SK125120
26WC LONDON 2012SK125117117
28WC ACAPULCO 2010SK125116116
29WC LONATO 2000SK125117117
32WC BELGRADE 2008SK125117117
33WC SAN MARINO 2016SK125117
33WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016SK125115
33WC SYDNEY 2002SK125116116
34WC TUCSON 2014SK125117
36WC ACAPULCO 2015SK125116
36WC GRANADA 2013SK125119
38WC ACAPULCO 2017SK125111
38WC AL AIN 2013SK125120
40WC MARIBOR 2007SK125116116
41WC LONATO 2001SK125115115
43WC LONATO 2007SK125117117
44WC CAIRO 2004SK125115115
45WC LAHTI 2019SK125116
46WC PERTH 2003SK125108108
47WC CAIRO 2000SK125112112
48WC CONCEPCION 2011SK125117117
49WC SAN MARINO 2009SK125109109
51WC SANTO DOMINGO 2002SK125112112
54WC ALMATY 2014SK125112
54WC BEIJING 2008SK125109109
56WC NICOSIA 2001SK125109109
57WC QINGYUAN CITY 2006SK125108108
59WC SIGGIEWI 2018SK125108
67WC BELGRADE 2005SK125112112
69WC SANTO DOMINGO 2007SK125111111
73WC CHANGWON 2019SK125112
73WC MUNICH 2014SK125116
77WC AL AIN 2019SK125115
82WC LONATO 2003SK125106106
87WC LONATO 2010SK125111111
96WC ATHENS 2004SK125109109
109WC SUHL 2002SK1254242
2GP RABAT 2021SK12511852
1ASC ASTANA 2017SK12511953
1ASC AL AIN 2014SK125120 (14)14
1ASC ALMATY 2013SK125121 (15)15
2ASC PATIALA 2012SK12511724141
2ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2011SK12512024144
2ASC SINGAPORE 2006SK12511924143
8ASC BANGKOK 2010SK125113113
8ASC ALMATY 2009SK125116116
8ASC JAIPUR 2008SK125118118
11ASC BANGKOK 2005SK125115115
12ASC KUWAIT CITY 2018SK125118
13ASC KUWAIT 2007SK125115115
19ASC ABU DHABI 2016SK125114
20ASC DOHA 2012SK125117117
21ASC BANGKOK 2002SK125109109
32ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004SK125111111
3ASG JAKARTA 2018SK12512143
6ASG GUANGZHOU 2010SK12511621137
8ASG DOHA 2006SK125120120
10ASG INCHEON 2014SK125116
23ASG BUSAN 2002SK125110110