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FOTH, Robert - USA nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1958Start of competing 
Place of birth Practising shooter since 
Hometown Personal Coach 
Residence National Coach 
Height (cm) Handedness 
Weight (kg) Master Eye 
Marital status EventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, 300FR3X40, 300FR60PR, 300STR3X20, FR40KN, FR40ST, FR40PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher education Comments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG BARCELONA 1992FR3X40116997.61266.6
4OG SEOUL 1988AR60591101.5692.5
7OG BARCELONA 1992AR6059099.4689.4
2WCH MOSCOW 1990FR3X40116698.61264.6
3WCH MOSCOW 1990FR40ST382382
6WCH MOSCOW 1990FR60PR595103.2698.2
7WCH BARCELONA 1998300STR3X20574574
7WCH TOLMEZZO 1994300STR3X20576576
22WCH MILAN 1994FR3X4011571157
1WCF MUNICH 1990FR3X40117798.31275.3
2WCF MUNICH 1992FR3X401168991267
2WCF MUNICH 1991AR60588103.2691.2
2WCF MUNICH 1989FR3X40116797.31264.3
3WCF MUNICH 1988FR3X40117990.41269.4
5WCF MUNICH 1989FR60PR589104.3693.3
7WCF MUNICH 1995FR3X40114297.91239.9
7WCF MUNICH 1990AR60586101.4687.4
10WCF MUNICH 1994FR3X4011461146
1WC BARCELONA 1994FR3X401167100.41267.4
1WC MEXICO CITY 1990AR60590103.8693.8
1WC MEXICO CITY 1989FR3X401167921259WR, FWR
1WC MEXICO CITY 1989FR60PR595103.2698.2WR, FWR
1WC MUNICH 1988FR3X4011751011276
2WC MILAN 1995FR3X401166100.61266.6
2WC LOS ANGELES 1992FR3X40116797.61264.6
2WC MEXICO CITY 1991FR3X40116194.31255.3
2WC MEXICO CITY 1991AR6059199.6690.6
2WC MEXICO CITY 1989AR60577104.2681.2
3WC MUNICH 1990FR3X40116199.71260.7
3WC ZAGREB 1989FR3X40116186.11247.1
3WC ZAGREB 1989AR60588102.3690.3
4WC MUNICH 1992FR3X40116197.41258.4
4WC LOS ANGELES 1990FR3X40117094.61264.6
6WC SUHL 1992FR3X40115894.91252.9
6WC SUHL 1989FR60PR59698.9694.9
6WC MUNICH 1988AR60592101.5693.5
7WC MUNICH 1992AR6059199.7690.7
7WC ZURICH 1990AR6059099.4689.4
8WC SUHL 1989AR60586102688
8WC SEOUL 1987FR3X401174931267
8WC MEXICO CITY 1986FR3X40115379.71232.7
9WC SYDNEY 2000FR60PR595595
9WC SEOUL 1997FR3X4011561156
10WC BUENOS AIRES 1998AR60589589
11WC MILAN 1995FR60PR593593
13WC MILAN 1994AR60588588
14WC FORT BENNING 1994AR60587587
18WC MUNICH 1995FR60PR593593
19WC MILAN 1995AR60588588
21WC SEOUL 1997AR60581581
22WC MUNICH 1995FR3X4011581158
22WC MILAN 1994FR3X4011561156
24WC MUNICH 1995AR60587587
27WC BARCELONA 1994AR60583583
31WC SYDNEY 2000FR3X4011551155
33WC MILAN 1996AR60586586
41WC MUNICH 1999FR3X4011511151
49WC MUNICH 1996AR60584584
1CAT SAN JUAN 1989FR40ST379379
1CAT SAN JUAN 1989FR3X40116296.41258.4
1CAT SAN JUAN 1989AR60586105.4691.4
2CAT SAN JUAN 1989FR40KN387387
2CAT SAN JUAN 1989FR60PR593103696
1PAG HAVANA 1991FR40ST379379
2PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995300STR3X20582582
2PAG HAVANA 1991FR3X40115095.11245.1
2PAG HAVANA 1991FR60PR595101.8696.8
2PAG HAVANA 1991AR60585100.3685.3
3PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995300FR60PR590590
3PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995FR3X40114994.81243.8
3PAG INDIANAPOLIS 1987AR60586102.2688.2
3PAG INDIANAPOLIS 1987FR3X40115893.81251.8
5PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995300FR3X4011431143
6PAG HAVANA 1991FR40PR392392
6PAG HAVANA 1991FR40KN379379
10PAG MAR DEL PLATA 1995FR60PR584584