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LAKATOS, Joshua - USA nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1973Start of competing1988
Place of birthPasadena, CA, USAPractising shooter since1987
HometownPasadena, CA, USAPersonal CoachDan Carlisle
Residence National CoachLloyd Woodhouse
Height (cm)175Handednessright
Weight (kg)87Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsTR125, DT150, SK125, TR, DTR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationEngineeringComments 
HobbiesRace cars  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG ATLANTA 1996TR12512324147
16OG SYDNEY 2000TR125112112
1WCH BARCELONA 1993TR125Junior122122WRJ
1WCH BARCELONA 1993DT15014348191WR, FWR, WRJ
2WCH PERTH 1991DTRJunior12640166
5WCH PERTH 1991TRJunior187187
7WCH CAIRO 2001TR125120120
8WCH NICOSIA 1995TR125123123
9WCH LAHTI 2002TR125119119
13WCH LIMA 1997TR125112112
88WCH FAGNANO 1994TR125110110
3WCF MONTECATINI 1996TR12511924143
3WCF MUNICH 1993TR12512124145
5WCF MUNICH 1994TR12511925144
6WCF NICOSIA 2000TR12511620136
9WCF MONTECATINI 1997TR125109109
10WCF MUNICH 1993DT150128128
1WC LONATO 2000TR12512124145
1WC LONATO 1996TR12512124145
1WC FAGNANO 1994TR12512325148
1WC SEOUL 1993TR12511524139
1WC CAIRO 1993DT15013543178WR, FWR, WRJ
1WC CAIRO 1993TR12512024144WR, FWR, WRJ
2WC SEOUL 1997TR12511825143
2WC CAIRO 1994TR12511723140
4WC LONATO 2001TR12511724141
4WC SEOUL 1997SK12511923142
4WC SUHL 1996TR12512325148
5WC BEIJING 1994DT15013643179
5WC FAGNANO 1993DT15013241173
8WC SYDNEY 2000TR125116116
9WC KUMAMOTO 1999TR125120120
11WC BEIJING 1994TR125115115
14WC SYDNEY 2002TR125117117
15WC LATSIA 1999TR125120120
15WC NICOSIA 1994TR125120120
17WC LONATO 1999TR125115115
28WC BEIJING 1994SK125109109
31WC ATLANTA 1996TR125117117
43WC NICOSIA 2001TR125109109
82WC GRANADA 2003TR125113113
105WC LONATO 2003TR1259292
1CAT FORT BENNING 2001TR12511625141