The ISSF Academy

A-Course for International Coaches License

The A-Course for International Coaches License is the highest level course operated by the ISSF Academy. The course is aimed at coaches working internationally and at Olympic Games level and is designed to test the skills necessary for coaches to work at the highest level of Olympic competition.


Coaches with A-License credentials are expected to reflect the highest in professional skills and the greatest commitment to their sport and their own development as professional coaches.


The course is designed to test coaches in the rigours of:

  1. Major competition planning and team management.

  2. Training session development and tactical preparation for Olympic competition.

  3. Tactical situations and crisis management at the Olympics.

  4. Developing skills for the Olympic level coach.


    Sport Science

    Task based workshops for dealing with physical, technical, psychological and organisational issues arising pre-competition and during competition.


    Travel and acclimatisation, preparation for and habituation to unfamiliar environments, tactical situations, coping under pressure, dealing with unexpected events, crisis management and recovery at the Olympics.


    Developing skills for the Olympic level coach. These skills include, among other factors, emotional control, effective communication, strategic planning, individualised support and preparation, coping with stressors and unpredictable situations, interacting with the staff members.



    Students are required to explain through interview and PowerPoint presentations their decisions as to how they structured their annual training plans and coaches diary. Evaluation of their approach to dealing with tactical situations that present in and around major competitions and situations in a pressured environment. Demonstration of their coaching and management skills, under pressure, in specific scripted situations. Presentation of an agreed research assignment. Participants must also have successfully conducted a D-Course as the primary lecturer.


    Course Duration & Preparation

    The A-Course is conducted over a six-day period in a residential setting at an ISSF Accredited Training Centre. Furthermore, a period of one-year of pre-course work including course material study, research project, training diary and conduct of a D-Course is required in advance of the course.


    Course Entry Requirements

    Entrance to the course is limited to current and valid ISSF B-License holders with a score of 75% and above. They will also require the recommendation of their national federation or the federation where they are currently employed.


    The course is conducted through the English language only and no allowance will be made for translation. Candidates must be proficient in both written and oral English as they will be required to answer examination questions and to make PowerPoint presentations using the English language.


    Course Fee & Additional Costs

    The A-Course fee is €1,250 and includes the following:

  • Shared accommodation at the ISSF Accredited Training Centre. Single room occupancy can be arranged for an additional supplemental fee with the ISSF Accredited Training Centre.

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day.


    Not included in the course fee is the application fee for the course License that must be applied separately to ISSF Headquarters upon the successful completion of the course.