The ISSF Academy



The IOC Olympic Solidarity department is funded by the International Olympic Committee to provide assistance to National Olympic Committees in developing programmes to develop athletes and their coaches. The ISSF and IOC Olympic Solidarity have collaborated over many years to bring national and coach development programmes to ISSF member federations. We have cooperated to support many federations and their athletes to develop the shooting sport and to create sustainable training structures worldwide.


Below you will find information on some programs that benefit the shooting sport including those for coaches and athletes.


Courses for Coaches

“High-quality coaching is vital to an athlete's preparation, which is why the role and training of coaches are decisive elements in the life of an athlete, whether at beginner or international level.” (IOC Olympic Solidarity)


The variety of programmes for coaches funded by Olympic Solidarity provide basic training with technical development courses for coaches, individual support in the form of scholarships and support at national level with the national sports structure development programme.


Technical Courses for Coaches – ISSF Academy D course for Regional Coaches License

Under this programme the ISSF offers member federations the ISSF Academy D-Course for Regional Coaches License.


ISSF Member Federations can apply through their NOC to organise a ‘Solidarity Course’. The NOC will complete and sign the application form and submit directly to IOC Solidarity for approval.


Olympic Scholarships for Coaches

The Olympic scholarships programme offers coaches access to high-level professional development and the chance to acquire experience and knowledge that they can then use to benefit their respective national sports structures.


A candidate for an Olympic Scholarship:                       

  • is an active coach within the shooting sports

  • holds the rank of official national coach recognized in his/her country

  • is able to prove that he/she has practical experience as a coach at national/international level

  • must undertake to pass on his/her knowledge and work to continue developing his/her sport in his/her country after the training         


NOCs may submit an application selected from two options:

Training in Sport Sciences

Offers possibilities for coaches to follow basic training in sport sciences in a recognized high-level sports centre or a university working with Olympic Solidarity.


Sport-specific Training

This option allows a coach to refresh their knowledge and increase their practical experience by following a medium or long-term technical training programme.


These scholarships can be used in conjunction with the training courses offered by the ISSF Academy. However, applications can only be submitted to the IOC by National Olympic Committees.


Sport Development Projects


IOC/ISSF Training Systems Development Course

Olympic Solidarity in conjunction with the ISSF Academy presents a week-long course for National Federations and their senior coaching and administrative staff to develop and implement a national coaching structure for the Olympic shooting sports.


Who is the course for?

The course is ideally suited for senior federation management and staff in developing federations who need assistance and guidance in developing the shooting sports. Those who have decision-making responsibilities along with leadership roles including Presidents and Secretary Generals but also those charged with athlete development and the management of coaching.


Specific Course Goals

The course is designed to inform and educate senior decision makers in our national federations of the options available to them in developing a system of support for coaching. The course aims to establish for each member federation attending through analysis of their current programmes and to determine the best potential solutions given their unique requirements.


The course will then take attendees through several sport development scenarios and with the aid of group workshops assist the attendees in choosing a best-fit programme for their federation needs.


During the course the scope of the programme is enhanced by specific workshops dealing with the major features of each programme and a step-by-step guide to implementing such a programme while tailoring it for any specific requirements identified by the federation in the analysis phase.


At the end of the course, attendees should leave with a template for implementing a functional training system for their federation. Progress of the federations and guidance is offered through a mentoring programme by the course tutors.


Athlete Scholarships

Through the Olympic Scholarship programme Olympic Solidarity and the NOC concerned; athlete scholarships strive to enable promising athletes to participate in Olympic qualification competitions and to prepare for the (Youth) Olympic Games.


Athletes will be provided with:

  • access to appropriate training facilities

  • supervision by a coach specialising in the relevant sporting discipline

  • regular medical and scientific assistance and testing

  • accident and illness insurance

  • board and lodging costs

  • adequate pocket money fixed subsidy