The ISSF Academy

D-Course for Regional Coaches License

The D-License course has become one of the ISSF Academy's most popular coaches courses. It was developed in response to the needs of member federations to have a club level introductory course for their coaches that covers the basic requirements for a licensed coach.


The course has been developed in a modular form so that it can be delivered over a focused three-day period to make maximum use of available time for the students. It also provides an excellent introduction to the ISSF Academy's C-Course for International Coaches.


The Course is Shooting Discipline Specific

The D-License course is shooting discipline specific, that means that each course is designed to cover one of the shooting disciplines either rifle, pistol or shotgun. In some cases, combined courses can be organised with a tutor to cover each discipline as required. For rifle and pistol the courses are focused on the precision events. For shotgun, Trap and Skeet are covered.


The Shooting Technique

The basis of the course is to deliver a fundamental understanding of the basic shooting technique, suitable for use in a club level coaching programme. The main goal of the course is to show the development of a structured coaching technique that allows the coach to add to their knowledge and experience over time. The principles learned on the D-Course are then subsequently built upon on the C & B courses to complete the overall ISSF Academy coach learning experience.


Planning and Organisation for Coaches

In the world of ISSF Championship events, the work of a coach goes beyond the work they do at the shooting range. The modern professional coach is required to make training and competition plans for their athletes and to manage the logistics involved. They are also responsible for the development of annual training plans to guide their athletes as they improve their skills. During the course the principles of Planning and Periodisation are explained and how it can be used to structure more effective training for athletes.


Physical Training for the Shooting Sports

The course provides an introduction to a basic physical training programme for shooting sports. The importance of correct physical training in the overall development of shooting talent is discussed along with practical examples and exercises to illustrate the principles being discussed.



All ISSF Coaching Licenses require a written examination and other tasks to be successfully completed. The D-License requires the student to complete a series of 25 multiple-choice questions and the student is expected to be an active participation in coaching workshops and to contribute to the discussions and activities. The pass mark for the examination is 50%.


Course Duration & Preparation

The D-Course is completed over three days, making it suitable as a weekend course. The location of the course is decided by the host federation.


The preparation for the course requires the student to become familiar with the written course material and this takes normally one month of pre-course work.


Course Entry Requirements

Entrance to the course is by the recommendation and approval of the host National Federation.


Course Fee & Additional Costs

The D-Course fee is set by the host federation.


The ISSF supply to the host federation:

  • All D-Course books and presentations in electronic PDF format.

  • Certificates of completion and application forms for the D-License.


    Not included in the course fee is the application fee for the course License that must be applied separately to ISSF Headquarters upon the successful completion of the course.