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The Art of skeet shooting

tonino06.jpgThere is no secret to success in any profession including skeet shooting. Success simply depends on the way you work," said Blasi. "You can find a perfect technical solution to the problem of missing targets but you must first determine the source of the problem through careful observation and in-depth analysis. Once you have recognized the general problem, you must carefully examine it from all angles to gain a better understanding of its various facets. And once you have grasped the problem in its entirety, you can work on solutions until you find the best way of solving the problem and perfecting a given aspect of your shooting performance.


Tonino Blasi was born in Taranto, Italy and started his shooting sport career as a trap and skeet shooter back in 1972. Before ending his career as an active shooter in 1990, Antonio Blasi competed in numerous international competitions.


In 1993, Tonino Blasi made a career of his former hobby and became the head coach of the Italian skeet team. With the experience he acquired in management at one of the largest European steel manufacturing companies, he helped his team reach their ultimate goal in 1996: gold and bronze medal victories at the Olympic games. This was the culmination of former achievements including European and world championship titles, world cup and world cup final victories and world records.

Following the Olympic games and a short stop over in Brazil, Blasi once again returned to Europe and took over the national team in Cyprus. Up to this day, he continues to coach skeet shooters all over the world.

Start your fascinating journey through the "Art of Skeet Shooting" and follow Tonino Blasi step by step to success in skeet shooting.

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