Anti-Doping News


As part of ISSF’s education plan and with the support of the ISSF Athletes Committee, ISSF will be filming and creating a “Say No To Doping” video with your help during various ISSF Championships in 2018.

As an educational tool, the goal of the short video will be for various athletes and/or athlete support personnel from different nations to share anti-doping messages, in their own language, so that all athletes may benefit from their positivity.

Once completed, the video will be posted on social media platforms and played at various ISSF Championships.

If any athletes or athlete support personnel wish to submit their own short videos (10 seconds) that can be part of this short film, we ask that you film them with your smart phones in horizontal and send them to

Any videos received with a positive message along the lines of “say no to doping”, “don’t cheat”, “stay clean and be healthy” will be considered for inclusion in the video.

ISSF thanks all its athletes and support personnel for their participation in this educational project and for your continued commitment to drug-free sport.


No international-level athletes have been sanctioned in 2017 as a result of an anti-doping rule violation.

No international-level athletes are actively serving periods of ineligibility as a result of an anti-doping rule violation.