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OSF - Presentation

In early 1968 Mr. Peter Garrett (then delegate of AJSC to UIT) advised AJSC to formally establish an "Australasian Shooting Region" with initial membership of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. This proposal had the support of UIT. In mid 1969, while the new Australasian organization was being formed, UIT approved the new “South Pacific Shooting Region" as a more representative name for this new Region.

Mr. Garrett was the foundation President/Secretary with Vice Presidents Mr. Bob Morgan (AUS), Mr. R. Martin (NZL) and Mr. Tibor Gonczol as Technical Committee Chair. The founding countries were Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Attempts to conduct Championships, as of 1974, met difficulties and it was not until 1978 that the first South Pacific Regional Championships were conducted in several Australian cities. In March1980 New Zealand hosted the first all discipline South Pacific Regionals in Christchurch, with some organization problems. But, in 1984 New Zealand organized a most successful all discipline Championships in Christchurch including an accommodation village at the Canterbury University. In 1986 the Championships were successfully hosted by Australia in Brisbane. Since 1988 Biennial Championships have been successfully hosted in Australia and New Zealand, most recently by Australia at the Sydney Olympic Ranges.

To meet the wishes of the IOC and ISSF, for the 1991 Championships, the name of our region was changed to “Oceania Shooting Federation". The Oceania Shooting Federation has hosted many successful championships for our regional competitors and many guest shooters from Europe and the Americas, but particularly from our Asian Federation friends. Oceania Federation has conducted coaching and officiating courses and is always working to increase our membership among the small island nations of the Oceania International Region.

The Member countries of the Oceania Shooting Federation: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tuvalu. Associate members - New Caledonia, Norfolk Island and French Polynesia.


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