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ISSF NEWS is the official magazine of the international parent organization, "International Shooting Sport Federation - ISSF", and is published in four languages (English, German, French, Spanish). It is distributed to all 157 shooting federations of the world. ISSF NEWS has a much larger readership through its public exposure at the shooting sport centers of the national federations. Moreover, this unique international shooting sport magazine is obtained world-wide by private subscribers because of its current coverage of top events in the shooting sport world and its regular documentation of topics pertaining to sports medicine and sports psychology as well as to the latest innovations in shooting sport equipment and technology. Since there are no shooting sport magazines in most of the countries outside of Europe, ISSF NEWS is the only informative bulletin of its kind in the entire shooting sport world. The majority of readers are among the opinion-forming leaders in the shooting sport world. ISSF NEWS therefore guarantees very successful advertising with no coverage loss within the optimal target area: the international shooting sport.

Editorial Orientation

Official federation communications coupled with objective shooting sport journalism and supplemented with reports on shooting sport medicine and psychology as well as training theory. Everything about the shooting sport and everything of intererst to sport shooters.


Goal is to offer comprehensive, competent and gripping information to all who are interested in the shooting sport. Journalistic interest focuses just as much on federation events as on top, international sporting events.

Publication Schedule

Issue no Month Publication Deadline Advertisment Deadline Printing Material
1 JANUARY / FEBRUARY FEB 2nd Tuesday JAN 2nd Friday JAN 3rd Friday
2 MARCH /  APRIL APR 2nd Tuesday MAR 2nd Friday MAR 3rd Friday
3 MAY / JUNE JUN 2nd Tuesday MAY 2nd Friday MAY 3rd Friday
4 JULY / AUGUST AUG 2nd Tueday JUL 2nd Friday JUL 3rd Friday
5 SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER OCT 2nd Tuesday SEP 2nd Friday SEP 3rd Friday

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER DEC 2nd Tuesday NOV 2nd Friday NOV 3rd Friday

Advertisement Formats and Prices


*Plus a cutting allowance of 3mm on all outside areas

Special Placements: Prices on request. All rates are in EURO plus legal value-added tax /vat) which is added to the net invoice amount.


5% per year for three or more advertisements. 10% per year for six or more advertisements.


Written notice four weeks prior to the advertisement deadline.


Thirty days after the date of invoice, purely net.

Calculated Circulation:


Type of Mailing

Within Europe: printed materials at a reduced rate Outside Europe: air-mail

Printing Details

The ISSF NEWS is printed in Offset, Euroscale sheet; It will be printed by means of an ecologically mild and energy saving computer-to-plate process which means that off-set films will no longer be needed, and the individual pages will be exposed directly onto the printing plate.

1. EPS files from Adobe InDesign, fMacromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator. All pictures must be integrated and fonts transformed into paths. 4c colors only in Euro-scale. No transparancy setting in InDesign-Data. 3mm circular bleed for ads towards the margin.

2. EPS or Tiff files from Adobe Photoshop reduced on background plane without additional channels or paths. Ads with 3mm circular bleed . 356 dpi resolution ( 80 grid pattern).

3. PDF-files must be arranged in 356dpi for off-set Euro-scale printing. Text must be integrated. Integrated pictures, which only have a low monitor screen resolution, can not be computer projected afterwards.

Data Medium Carrier

Please deliver data via Email or on CD ROM: Email:

By post: ISSF NEWS, Bavariaring 21, D-80336 München, Germany


International Shooting Sport Federation
Bavariaring 21
D-80336 München, Germany
Phone: +49. (0) 89. 544 355-0
Fax: +49. (0) 89. 544 355-44


HypoVereinsbank München
National bank code: 70020270
Account for Euro: 2719320
IBAN Code: DE12 7002 0270 0002 7193 20

Terms and conditions

Terms of Trade

For the settlement of orders, the general terms of trade are applicable to advertising.

General terms for advertising

1. An advertising order, as defined by the general trade conditions, is the contract for the publication of one or more advertisements, inserts or supplements of an advertiser.

2. In case publication of advertisements has not been confirmed, these must be cancelled within one year after conclusion of the contract.

3. The orderer is responsible for the punctual submittance of appropriate and perfect print material or supplements. For discernibly unsuitable or damaged printing materials, the advertising management demands immediate replacement. For advertisement orders or changes made by telephone and for mistakes due to illegible writing, the advertising management will not be held liable for the correct reproduction. If any defects in the materials are not immediately recognized but only come to light when printed, the orderer has no claims for incorrect or inadequate printing. This also applies to the incorrect repetition of advertisments, if the orderer does not indicate the mistake in time before the printing of the next advertisement.

4. The advertising department reserves the right to refuse - according to factually justified principles of the editorial office - orders for advertisements and supplements by reason of the contents, origin or technical form, if the content violates laws or official regulations or if its publication is unacceptable. The orderer will immediately be informed of the rejection of an order.

5. Orders for advertisements and additional supplements, which should only be published in certain editions or in certain places of the journal, have to be sent to the advertising department as early as possible in order to inform the orderer before the deadline for advertisements, if the order cannot be executed.

6. Advertisements, which cannot be recognized as advertisements due to their editorial layout, will be cleary marked with the word "Advertisement" by the advertising department.

7. Proofs will only be submitted on special request. The orderer is responsible for the correctness of the returned proof. All corrections indicated within the time limit set when sending the proof will be considered by the advertising department.

8. The advertising department guarantees the perfect typografic reproduction of the advertisement. In case of a completely or partially illegible or incorrect or incomplete print of the advertisement, the orderer has the right to ask for a price reduction or a perfect compensation advertisement, but only to such an extent as the intention of the advertisment was impaired. The advertising office does not assume any further responsibilities. The oderer cannot assert a claim, in case of incorrectly printed control indications.

9. The orderer is retroactively entitled to receive the corresponding discount on the actual number of his advertisments published within one year's time, if he placed an order prior to this term which, by virtue of the price list, grants him a discount from the outset.

10. The discounts indicated in the price list are only granted for the advertisements published during one year. The set term starts with the publication of the first advertisement. Possible discounts for prepayment will be granted according to the price list.

11. The invoice is to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date, unless other terms of payment or prepayment in the individual case have been agreed upon. In case of default or deferment of payment, interests in the amount of 2% over the discount rate of the "Deutsche Bank" as well as collection costs will be charged; the advertising department can defer the further execution of the order until receipt of payment.

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