Secretary General - Alessandro Nicotra di San Giacomo

Secretary General
Widenmayerstrasse 16
80538 Munich - Germany - GER 
Phone: +49-89-5443550 (office) 
Fax: +49-89-54435544 (office) 

ISSF President - Vladimir Lisin

Secretary General

  • The Secretary General is the head of administration of the ISSF, supervises all tasks performed at the ISSF Headquarters.
  • The Secretary General has the powers assigned to him by this Constitution, other Regulations and in particular the following:
  • Represents the ISSF in all legal matters with a single representation of the ISSF;
  • Supervises and coordinates administrative services and activities;
  • Ensures the implementation, documentation and archiving of all decisions taken by the General Assembly, the Council and the Executive Committee as well as the Committees;
  • Reports on the activities of ISSF Headquarters at each meeting of the General Assembly, the Council and of the Executive Committee;
  • Appoints and dismisses the staff working in the ISSF Headquarters;
  • Attends meetings of the General Assembly, the Council, the Executive Committee as well as the Committees with voice but without vote;
  • Fulfills ISSF administrative responsibilities that include conducting ISSF correspondence, preparing circular letters and reports and mailing summons to meetings;
  • Performs special assignments on request of the Council, of the Executive Committee, or of the President.

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