ISSF President - Luciano Rossi

ISSF President
Widenmayerstrasse 16

ISSF President - Vladimir Lisin

The President of the ISSF:

  • Provides leadership and direction to the ISSF; Represents the ISSF and presides over all its activities;
  •  Represents the ISSF in international sports organizations and in all legal matters with the right for single representation of the ISSF;
  • Acts on behalf of the ISSF as circumstances require;
  • Chairs the meetings of the General Assembly, of the Council as well as of the Executive Committee;
  • Ensures the proper observance of the Constitution and ISSF Regulations, Rules as well as the decisions taken under them;
  • Supervises the execution of decisions and activities of ISSF Bodies;
  • Ensures that the decisions taken by the Executive Committee are put into effect;
  • Ensures that ISSF’s obligations towards its Member Federations are fulfilled;
  • Performs special assignments on request of the Executive Committee or Council.


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