From Nanjing to Granada: 13 YOG medals on their way to the ISSF World Championship

51st ISSF World Championship All Events · Granada, ESP

After getting into the Olympic mindset at the Youth Olympics, young athletes will now try to get a place for Rio 2016

13 medalists from the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China will try to walk up to the podium once again less than a month later, at the 51st ISSF World Championship in Granada, Spain, whose first event will be on Monday, September 8.


Poland's Agata Nowak, 18, had incredibly taken the first gold of Nanjing overcoming a 3-point lead by her peer Russia's Magarita Lomova at the last shot of Women's 10m Air Pistol. Nowak will take part in Granada's 25m Pistol Women Junior, as well as 10m Air Pistol Women Junior.


Ukraine's Pavlo Korostylov, 16, had won Men's 10m Air Pistol in Nanjing, after entering the competition as the favorite. 50m Pistol Men, 25m Center Fire Pistol Men, 25m Standard Pistol Men and 10m Air Pistol Men are the events he will be busy with in Granada.


Still from the podium of Men's 10m Air Pistol in Nanjing, silver medalist Korea's Kim Cheongyong, 17, will give a try at the same event in Granada; bronze medallist France's Edouard Dortomb, 14, will do the same, but as a Junior.


European bronze Sarah Hornung of Switzerland, 18, had beaten Singapore's pre-competition favorite Martina Veloso, 14, at Nanjing's Women's 10m Air Rifle. In Granada, Hornung will compete in the Junior event; Veloso, in the Senior.


All the medalists from Men's 10m Air Rifle in Nanjing will be in Granada. World number one Yang Haoran of China, 18, had easily taken first place with a 5-point lead, and will take part in the same event, which will open the competition. Both silver and bronze medalists Armenia's Hrachik Babayan, 18, and Hungary's Istvan Peni, 17, will be at three events: 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior, 50m Rifle Prone Men Junior, and 10m Air Rifle Men Junior.


A new competition format had started out in Nanjing: mixed international teams, both for pistol and for rifle. Bulgary's Lidia Nencheva, 18, member of the winning pair at the 10m Air Pistol, will fight for the 25m Pistol Women Junior and the 10m Air Pistol Women Junior in Granada. Latvia's Agate Rasmane, 17, bronze, will do the same as Nencheva.


Mexico's Jose Santos Valdes Martinez, 17, silver medalist at Nanjing's Air Rifle mixed, will run for the 10m Air Rifle Men Junior in Granada. Bronze medalist Viktoriya Sukhorukova of Ukraine, 17, will start three events: 50m Rifle 3 Positions Women Junior, 50m Rifle Prone Women Junior, and 10m Air Rifle Women Junior.


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Alessandro Ceschi