The decision on shooting sports inclusion in the Commonwealth Games will be made this weekend

22.02.2020 by

The Executive Board of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) will decide if they will hold a shooting competition in India. Voting will take place this weekend in London.

Global federation to make Kenya shooting hub

18.02.2020 by

In Summary * Lisin was also due to deliver three units of the latest Shooters Training Systems worth over Sh1 million to Amina for Team Kenya use in their preparations for the remaining 2020 Olympic qualifiers. * Lisin said he is looking forward to a time Kenya will host regional countries for major shooting competitions and not just wait until the Olympic qualifiers or Africa Championships.

ISSF presents evidence of no risk lead use to ECHA Workshop

13.02.2020 by ISSF

Representatives of the ISSF have cited evidence at a Workshop of the European Chemicals Agency that, with proper management, use of lead in ammunition on shooting sport ranges poses no risks to people or the environment.

ISSF representatives to participate ECHA workshop on Lead usage

09.02.2020 by ISSF

A workshop organised by the European Chemical Agency, will be held on February 10th & 11th in Helsinki (Finland). The workshop will be considering the use of lead, and its environmental impact.

Olympic Flame Lighting First

07.02.2020 by ATR

(ATR) For the first time, a woman will be the first torchbearer at the Olympic flame lighting in Ancient Olympia.

VAR system is first included in the ISSF Rules

04.02.2020 by ISSF

For the first time the VAR system (video assistant referee) is included to the ISSF Rules. This system has been actively used in shotgun since last year. The system minimizes misinterpretation of results and increases the objectivity of refereeing, in connection with which the sport becomes as transparent as possible.

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