2016 ISSF General Assembly opened in Moscow (RUS). Financial report and transparency on the delegates’ tables.

ISSF General Assembly · Moscow, RUS

The delegates unanimously approved the financial reports presented by the auditors, and applauded the new ISSF initiatives in the fields of transparency, good governance and ethics.

The 2016 ISSF General Assembly was opened today at the Crown Plaza hotel in Moscow (RUS), with 129 member federations (including proxies) present out of 151, for a total of 237 votes.


The meeting started with a minute of silence to mourn the loss of three long-time ISSF family members, ISSF Honorary Members Friedrich Schattleitner and Dr. Heinz Lösel, and ISSF Blue Cross David R. V. Parish.


The ISSF President Olegario Vazquez Raña addressed the delegates in his opening speech:


“I am very happy today to see so many Member Federations here in Moscow. This is the moment to share our thoughts, and work together. We are here to listen all you.”


“Be confident: the ISSF Executive Committee and the Administrative Council have one main goal: securing the strong position of our sport within the Olympic family. I believe we have to trust the delegates of our federation, to continue growing together.”


IOC Honorary Member Vitaly Smirnov and the Russian Deputy Minister of Sports Pavel Novikov also welcomed the delegates in the country.


“Russia fully supports the shooting sport and your federation, which is one of the most productive IFs in the Olympic movement.” Said Mr. Novikov. “Today there are more than 500.000 people practicing the sport in our country, and we are developing new youth programs and building new ranges all around the country.”


The ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber, delivering his report to the General Assembly, stresses that “transparency is key in good governance. Therefore, for the first time in our history, we will publish our audited financial reports, the minutes of the ISSF Administrative Council meetings and of the General Assembly on a public area of the ISSF website, in the next weeks.”


“Our Federation is really active on these matters: a new code of ethics has been approved last march, addressing issues like bribery and conflict of interest.” Mr. Schreiber added.


The ISSF Auditors Alexandros Dimakakos and Antonio Fernandez Arena reported to the General Assembly about the ISSF Accounts. “The ISSF books are kept in good order and open to everybody,” said Mr. Fernandez Arena. “You have all received the annual audit report from Mr. Alfred Reitmeier, Tax Advisor, Chartered Accountant, Law assistant and auditor for the years 2014 and 2015. These reports are also sent to the German tax office that examines them.”


The delegates approved the reports of the auditors with a unanimous vote.


The ISSF General Assembly will continue tomorrow, starting from 9 AM.  

Marco Dalla Dea