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10m Air Pistol Women


23 Jun 2016, Start Time 09:00

NameNatSeriesTotalRemarks Targets
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111404KORAKAKI AnnaGRE981009696390 - 14xQFView Targets
121702ZAVALA VAZQUEZ AlejandraMEX97979797388 - 11xQFView Targets
131395THURMANN StefanieGER98969597386 - 12xQFView Targets
142009KOSTEVYCH OlenaUKR97959896386 - 08xQFView Targets
151862LOMOVA MargaritaRUS98969497385 - 10xQFView Targets
161816TOMALA JoannaPOL96959796384 - 13xQFView Targets
171931DIETHELM GERBER HeidiSUI96959796384 - 11xQFView Targets
181710OTRYAD GundegmaaMGL95989991383 - 15xQFView Targets
191925VELICKOVIC BobanaSRB96969496382 - 16xView Targets
1101071NASIROVA NigarAZE97989394382 - 13xView Targets
1111860KOUSNETSOVA OlgaRUS96969496382 - 11xView Targets
1121101CHAIKA ViktoriaBLR97969396382 - 11xView Targets
1131484HARIJANI ElhamIRI97959595382 - 10xView Targets
1141316GOBERVILLE CelineFRA95989594382 - 10xView Targets
1151960KLAISUBAN Pim-OnTHA98959495382 - 08xView Targets
1161208DEDOVA AnnaCZE96939597381 - 13xView Targets
1171385KARSCH MonikaGER94969497381 - 12xView Targets
1181764AL BALUSHI WadhaOMA95979693381 - 09xView Targets
1191169ZHANG MengxueCHN93959696380 - 11xView Targets
1201602KIM JangmiKOR95989295380 - 09xView Targets
1211605KIM MinjungKOR96959297380 - 07xView Targets
1221129GROZDEVA MariaBUL92939797379 - 13xView Targets
1231547KONISHI YukariJPN93949894379 - 11xView Targets
1241917ARUNOVIC ZoranaSRB96959692379 - 11xView Targets
1251040STEINER SylviaAUT94939597379 - 10xView Targets
1261460SIDHU HeenaIND94959397379 - 10xView Targets
1271723BEZZINA EleanorMLT94989691379 - 10xView Targets
1281961PRUCKSAKORN TanyapornTHA94929697379 - 09xView Targets
1291156LIN YuemeiCHN93969694379 - 09xView Targets
1301976CHARNI OlfaTUN93969694379 - 08xView Targets
1311606KWAK JunghyeKOR98949492378 - 09xView Targets
1321317GOBERVILLE SandrineFRA91959696378 - 08xView Targets
1331325PARDON KarineFRA92979495378 - 08xView Targets
1341014GALIABOVITCH ElenaAUS94929696378 - 07xView Targets
1351245ELHODHOD AfafEGY92949596377 - 11xView Targets
1361137KIEJKO LyndaCAN95959294376 - 11xView Targets
1371022YAUHLEUSKAYA LalitaAUS92949496376 - 08xView Targets
1381182MAROVIC MarijaCRO94988995376 - 08xView Targets
1391465SINGH ShwetaIND96929395376 - 07xView Targets
1401552SATO AkikoJPN96919692375 - 10xView Targets
1411806BRES KlaudiaPOL92949693375 - 09xView Targets
1421711TSOGBADRAKH MunkhzulMGL93939594375 - 07xView Targets
1431145CAI XiaoxueCHN93979590375 - 07xView Targets
1441485KHABBAZIAN MinaIRI91949792374 - 08xView Targets
1451128BONEVA AntoanetaBUL92969294374 - 07xView Targets
1461922SEKARIC JasnaSRB94939492373 - 11xView Targets
1471373EDER JosefinGER98979484373 - 09xView Targets
1481804BARTKOW KWIATKOWSKA BeataPOL92919595373 - 07xView Targets
1491364SALUKVADZE NinoGEO95939192371 - 08xView Targets
1501542AIZAWA HikaruJPN94948895371 - 06xView Targets
1511989TURKOGLU YAVUZ CananTUR93939292370 - 11xView Targets
1521064KASOUMOVA ZarifaAZE92909593370 - 09xView Targets
1531491TOUMARI ALILEHSAR ZeynabIRI98898895370 - 08xView Targets
1541458SAYYED AnisaIND93959190369 - 05xView Targets
1551937GAJANOVA LenkaSVK93918895367 - 08xView Targets
1561046ABBASLI NazrinAZE93939388367 - 07xView Targets
1571261CASTRO LilianESA93909190364 - 05xView Targets
1581775AL JAHMANI SahirOMA91918992363 - 04xView Targets
1591733TODOROVIC KsenijaMNE94878794362 - 03xView Targets
1601776AL JALBOOBI MaroaOMA89929084355 - 02xView Targets
11617RAMA LumturieKOSDNS  
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DNSDid Not Start
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