50m Rifle 3 Positions Women


7 Sep 2018, Start Time 12:00

1GermanyGER3521 - 177xWR 
Team Kneeling291294291292
Team Prone299298299299
Team Standing291286291290
1729STRAUB Isabella1180 - 66xView Targets
1667BEER Jolyn1172 - 55xView Targets
1709ORTH Jaqueline1169 - 56xView Targets
2DenmarkDEN3518 - 175x
Team Kneeling292296291295
Team Prone294298297296
Team Standing293291291284
1437IBSEN Rikke Maeng1174 - 63xView Targets
1445NIELSEN Stine1172 - 64xView Targets
1433GRUNDSOEE Stephanie Laura Scurrah1172 - 48xView Targets
3Russian FederationRUS3511 - 186x
Team Kneeling291293291289
Team Prone297293297298
Team Standing289292292289
2727KARIMOVA Yulia1172 - 69xView Targets
2729KHOROSHEVA Polina1171 - 60xView Targets
2770ZYKOVA Yulia1168 - 57xView Targets
4People's Republic of ChinaCHN3510 - 178x
Team Kneeling293289288291
Team Prone300299299300
Team Standing292287283289
1292WANG Zeru1179 - 66xView Targets
1282WAN Xiangyan1170 - 59xView Targets
1310ZHANG Binbin1161 - 53xView Targets
5NorwayNOR3503 - 168x
Team Kneeling295292291290
Team Prone297295297291
Team Standing288290289288
2487LUND Katrine1177 - 68xView Targets
2471DUESTAD Jeanette Hegg1162 - 49xView Targets
2491STENE Jenny1164 - 51xView Targets
6Republic of KoreaKOR3501 - 176x
Team Kneeling287293295293
Team Prone295296297295
Team Standing288286294282
2195LEE Eunseo1171 - 58xView Targets
2130BAE Sang Hee1166 - 61xView Targets
2155JEONG Mira1164 - 57xView Targets
7United States of AmericaUSA3493 - 170x
Team Kneeling292291288289
Team Prone297292299296
Team Standing289289286285
3141BEARD Sarah1171 - 61xView Targets
3187MARTIN Mackensie Rae1161 - 53xView Targets
3185MADDALENA Sagen1161 - 56xView Targets
8AustriaAUT3491 - 179x
Team Kneeling293292290290
Team Prone297297294296
Team Standing285282284291
1075HOFMANN Olivia1172 - 65xView Targets
1081PEER Franziska1171 - 61xView Targets
1093UNGERANK Nadine1148 - 53xView Targets
9SwitzerlandSUI3490 - 156x
Team Kneeling291292288291
Team Prone295293294293
Team Standing285292285291
2873CHRISTEN Nina1178 - 64xView Targets
2869BEYELER Irene1154 - 42xView Targets
2880HOFSTETTER Vanessa1158 - 50xView Targets
10IndiaIND3489 - 144x
Team Kneeling288292296285
Team Prone291288297293
Team Standing291291288289
1860MOUDGIL Anjum1177 - 61xView Targets
1865NITHYANADAM Gaayathri1159 - 47xView Targets
1879SAKSENA Shreya1153 - 36xView Targets
11Islamic Republic of IranIRI3488 - 158x
Team Kneeling288292289290
Team Prone297298296292
Team Standing286284288288
1927JAMBOZORG Mahlagha1168 - 57xView Targets
1913AHMADI Elaheh1166 - 52xView Targets
1929KHEDMATI Najmeh1154 - 49xView Targets
12SerbiaSRB3481 - 151x
Team Kneeling292288290288
Team Prone296294296296
Team Standing287285286283
2854VUKASINOVIC Sanja1167 - 57xView Targets
2838ARSOVIC Andrea1160 - 52xView Targets
2852TODOROVIC Dragana1154 - 42xView Targets
13UkraineUKR3477 - 168x
Team Kneeling292288292290
Team Prone293294297298
Team Standing273286287287
3108ILINA Anna1167 - 55xView Targets
3109KALNYSH Natallia1162 - 53xView Targets
3117LESKIV Lessia1148 - 60xA 2 View Targets
14ItalyITA3477 - 161x
Team Kneeling290291295285
Team Prone293296292295
Team Standing284282287287
2038ZUBLASING Petra1162 - 56xView Targets
2025SENA Sabrina1161 - 58xView Targets
2002GAMBARO Barbara1154 - 47xView Targets
15Czech RepublicCZE3472 - 151x
Team Kneeling284289285287
Team Prone293295294295
Team Standing293288291278
1385BRABCOVA Aneta1162 - 50xView Targets
1391FOISTOVA Nikola1155 - 54xView Targets
1387BRAZDOVA Lucie1155 - 47xView Targets
16MongoliaMGL3472 - 143x
Team Kneeling287292286285
Team Prone289294294295
Team Standing285289288288
2376GANKHUYAG Nandinzaya1168 - 58xView Targets
2383OYUNBAT Esugen1150 - 45xView Targets
2370CHULUUNBADRAKH Narantuya1154 - 40xView Targets
17Great BritainGBR3471 - 160x
Team Kneeling296287284291
Team Prone294297294298
Team Standing279288282281
1629MCINTOSH Seonaid1169 - 64xView Targets
1628MCINTOSH Jennifer1161 - 54xView Targets
1615GLEESON Katie1141 - 42xView Targets
18CroatiaCRO3471 - 145x
Team Kneeling289289283286
Team Prone296294297296
Team Standing283287287284
1349PEJCIC Snjezana1168 - 55xView Targets
1358ZELJKOVIC Marta1161 - 49xView Targets
1350PEREC Tanja1142 - 41xView Targets
19SwedenSWE3470 - 133x
Team Kneeling291291285288
Team Prone298297287297
Team Standing283278284291
2928JOHANSSON Lotten1157 - 44xView Targets
2936NORMANN Anna1157 - 44xView Targets
2938OLOFSSON Linda1156 - 45xView Targets
20SingaporeSGP3461 - 150x
Team Kneeling286289294287
Team Prone294289292289
Team Standing286282285288
2797SER Xiang Wei Jasmine1173 - 69xView Targets
2806VELOSO Martina Lindsay1160 - 49xView Targets
2790LIM Yee Xien1128 - 32xView Targets
21PolandPOL3461 - 141x
Team Kneeling286290283284
Team Prone290293297293
Team Standing285285289286
2594NAGAY Agnieszka1157 - 45xView Targets
2588KOMOROWSKA Katarzyna1153 - 50xView Targets
2601STANKIEWICZ Aneta1151 - 46xView Targets
22JapanJPN3458 - 151x
Team Kneeling290288291288
Team Prone294294297296
Team Standing282282274282
2075SHIMIZU Ayano1163 - 55xView Targets
2045AYADO Mami1141 - 37xView Targets
2078TOISHI Mai1154 - 59xView Targets
23ThailandTHA3440 - 130x
Team Kneeling287287291287
Team Prone291291291297
Team Standing276280280282
2955CHOTPHIBUNSIN Thanyalak1157 - 50xView Targets
2981PLENGSAENGTHONG Ratchadaporn1156 - 52xView Targets
2966KHONGNIL Sirijit1127 - 28xView Targets
A 2Athlete 3117 LESKIV Lessia (UKR) - ISSF Rule 6.11.5 Too many shots in an Event or Position
Bib NoBib Number
FPFiring Point
PosPosition in Squad
QS-offQualification Shoot-off
WRWorld Record


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