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WANG, Yifu - CHN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

Year of birth1960Start of competing1977
Place of birthLiao Ning, CHNPractising shooter since1976
Hometown Personal Coach 
ResidenceBeijing, CHNNational Coach 
Height (cm)176Handednessright
Weight (kg)85Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsAP60, CFP, STP, FP, AP40M
Children1Other sport activities 
Higher educationCommunity CollegeComments 
HobbiesFishing, driving  


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG ATHENS 2004AP60590100690FOR
1OG BARCELONA 1992AP6058599.8684.8FOR
2OG SYDNEY 2000AP6059096.9686.9OR
2OG ATLANTA 1996AP6058797.1684.1OR
2OG BARCELONA 1992FP56592657
3OG LOS ANGELES 1984FP564564
6OG SYDNEY 2000FP56396659
6OG ATLANTA 1996FP56495.3659.3
8OG SEOUL 1988FP56388651
15OG SEOUL 1988AP60578578
1WCH BARCELONA 1998AP6058699.3685.3
1WCH MILAN 1994FP56697.5663.5
2WCH STAVANGER 1991AP60583100.9683.9
2WCH MOSCOW 1990FP56994663
5WCH LAHTI 2002AP6058498.5682.5
6WCH MOSCOW 1990AP6057998.7677.7
6WCH CARACAS 1982FP561561
7WCH LAHTI 2002FP56391.1654.1
9WCH MILAN 1994AP60579579
11WCH BARCELONA 1998FP563563
1WCF MUNICH 1999AP6058799.4686.4
1WCF MUNICH 1999FP56997.1666.1
1WCF MUNICH 1995AP6058899.6687.6
1WCF MUNICH 1991AP6058699.5685.5
3WCF MILAN 2003FP56693.1659.1
3WCF ZURICH 1998AP60586101.9687.9
3WCF ZURICH 1998FP56695.1661.1
3WCF MUNICH 1990AP60581100.8681.8
5WCF MUNICH 2000AP60582100.4682.4
5WCF MUNICH 2000FP56494.2658.2
5WCF MUNICH 1995FP55196.9647.9
6WCF BANGKOK 2004AP6058499.8683.8
6WCF MILAN 2003AP6058297.5679.5
6WCF MUNICH 2002FP56193.6654.6
6WCF MUNICH 1991FP56191652
6WCF MUNICH 1990FP56187648
1WC ZAGREB 2003AP6058998.2687.2
1WC SHANGHAI 2002FP57198.9669.9
1WC MUNICH 2000FP57094664
1WC MILANO 2000AP60585100685
1WC MILANO 1998AP60585101.6686.6
1WC MUNICH 1998FP57194665
1WC MUNICH 1996FP57194.2665.2
1WC SEOUL 1993AP60584100.8684.8
1WC MILAN 1992AP60587100.2687.2
1WC MUNICH 1992AP60589103.5692.5
1WC MUNICH 1991AP6058899687
1WC LOS ANGELES 1990FP57293665
1WC LOS ANGELES 1990AP60588101.7689.7
2WC MUNICH 2003FP56591.1656.1
2WC MILANO 2000FP56299.7661.7
2WC MILANO 1999AP60583102.9685.9
2WC MUNICH 1999AP60587101.4688.4
2WC MUNICH 1999FP56892.9660.9
2WC MUNICH 1998AP60587100.1687.1
2WC ATLANTA 1996AP60586100.3686.3
2WC MILAN 1995AP6058598.2683.2
2WC BEIJING 1994FP56199.3660.3
2WC BEIJING 1994AP6058398.8681.8
2WC ZURICH 1991AP60585100.2685.2
2WC SEOUL 1987FP56692658
2WC SEOUL 1986FP55694650
3WC MUNICH 2003AP6058599.2684.2
3WC MUNICH 2000AP60584100.1684.1
3WC SEOUL 1997FP56698664
3WC MUNICH 1995FP56897.2665.2
3WC MILAN II 1993AP60580102.4682.4
3WC MILAN 1993AP6058997.4686.4
3WC ZURICH 1991FP56296658
4WC MUNICH 2001AP6058599.6684.6
4WC MILAN 1995FP56398.3661.3
4WC MUNICH 1993AP60584100684
4WC SEOUL 1993FP56299.4661.4
4WC MUNICH 1988FP56393656
4WC HAVANA 1987FP56189650
4WC MEXICO CITY 1987FP55486640
4WC SEOUL 1986AP6057699.2675.2
5WC MUNICH 2001FP56494.3658.3
5WC MILANO 1998FP56297.2659.2
5WC SEOUL 1997AP6058098.7678.7
5WC MILAN 1993FP56393.8656.8
5WC MUNICH 1992FP56491655
5WC ZURICH 1987FP56887655
6WC ATHENS 2004AP6058299.9681.9
6WC MILANO 2002AP6058596.7681.7
6WC MUNICH 1988AP6058798.2685.2
6WC SUHL 1988AP60586100686
6WC SEOUL 1987AP6058199.2680.2
7WC ATLANTA 2002AP6058199.9680.9
7WC MUNICH 1996AP6058398.2681.2
7WC MUNICH 1993FP56095.5655.5
7WC MILAN II 1993FP55893.8651.8
7WC SUHL 1988FP56390653
7WC MUNICH 1987FP56488652
8WC ZAGREB 2003FP56193.9654.9
8WC SHANGHAI 2002AP6058298680
9WC SYDNEY 2000AP60582582
9WC MILANO 1999FP562562
9WC ATLANTA 1996FP562562
11WC MUNICH 1995AP60580580
16WC SYDNEY 2000FP557557
32WC ATHENS 2004FP550550
1ASC LANGKAWI 2000FP56395.8658.8
1ASC JAKARTA 1995AP6058499.1683.1
1ASC JAKARTA 1995FP56895663
1ASC BEIJING 1987STP577577
1ASC BEIJING 1987FP56987656
2ASC LANGKAWI 2000AP60586100.7686.7
2ASC BEIJING 1991FP56193654
2ASC BEIJING 1987AP6057799.1676.1
3ASC BEIJING 1991AP6058298.6680.6
3ASC MANILA 1980AP40MJunior378378
5ASC MANILA 1980AP40M376376
5ASC MANILA 1980FP549549
7ASC JAKARTA 1995STP566566
8ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004FP55692.2648.2
8ASC BEIJING 1991STP565565
11ASC LANGKAWI 2000CFP575575
1ASG BUSAN 2002FP57192.5663.5
1ASG HIROSHIMA 1994AP60586102.3688.3
2ASG BANGKOK 1998FP55996.5655.5
2ASG HIROSHIMA 1994FP56198.3659.3
2ASG BEIJING 1990AP60580100.1680.1
2ASG SEOUL 1986FP55694650
3ASG BEIJING 1990FP55690646
3ASG DELHI 1982FP559559
4ASG BANGKOK 1998AP60578100.9678.9
4ASG SEOUL 1986AP6057699.2675.2
4ASG DELHI 1982AP60573573
7ASG BUSAN 2002AP6058199.7680.7
16ASG BANGKOK 1998STP563563