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YANG, Haoran - CHN nation flag  

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Year of birth1996Start of competing 
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Weight (kg) Master Eye 
Marital status EventsAR60, FR3X40, ARMIX
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China pockets the first Olympic quota place at stake in Changwon

Yang Haoran and Zhao Ruozhu bested the second Chinese team in the final, finishing with 500.9 points and securing both the World Championship title and one of the two Olympic quota places up for grabs in this event.


Yang Haoran pockets his first 3 Positions gold, sets a new World Record

The Chinese 22-year-old shooter — who counts seven international gold medals in the Air Rifle event — climbed atop the podium in Munich, prevailing over Russian Federation’s Sergey Kamenskiy and Italy’s Marco De Nicolo, who respectively took silver and bronze.


China’s World Champ Haoran shutters his own air rifle record at inaugural match in Bangkok

Six months after winning the 2015 ISSF World Cup Final in Munich, Yang secured another gold medal, setting a new 10m Air Rifle junior final world record at the ISSF World Cup in Bangkok.


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China's 19-year old Yang pockets air rifle world cup title in Munich. Again.

He's by far the youngest current world rank leader in shooting sport, and keeps on adding medals to his trophies showcase. Yang Haoran has won all international titles in the last two years, and looks now forward to Rio 2016.


Not like the first Yang

Two years ago in Munich, Yang Haoran had won a gold medal. This time he only came away with a fifth place, but he's gone a long way since 2013.


YOG Champion Yang (CHN) wins the first Gold medal and Olympic Quota of Granada

“This is a golden present for my family” the new 10m Air Rifle Men world champion said, after winning the first Gold medal and the first Olympic Quota place of the 51st ISSF World Championship in all Shooting events in Granada, Spain.


World number one Yang claims gold at home with 5-point lead

Chinese prodigy outplays Armenia's Babayan and Hungary's Peni at Nanjing 2014 to win Air Rifle in home country


Nanjing 2014, Day 4: 10m Air Rifle Men | Waiting for Yang

China's medal hope, World-number-one Yang seeks gold in his home country


-5 to the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing: spotlights on Yang Haoran

With only five days to go to the second Youth Olympic Games editions, Chinese media turned the spotlights on the world's best 10m Air Rifle Men shooter, Yang Haoran (18)


Spotlight on Youth | Yang, a quiet Chinese Dream

China's 18-year-old Yang Haoran wins and makes things look easy. He told us about that


China's Yang Haoran won the 10m Air Rifle Men final with a new record

The 18-year old shooter from China turned out to be unbeatable in Munich, today. With a new Final World Record Junior he won the 10m Air Rifle Men final, and walks toward the next Youth Olympic Games as the favorite.


17-year old Yang pocketed Air Rifle Men Gold, finishing ahead of World Champ Campriani

The People's Republic of China rockets up in the overall medal standings of the 2013 ISSF Rifle and Pistol World Cup Final in Munich, securing the 3rd Gold medal out of 4 events so far conducted. Today's Gold medallist name is Yang Haoran, and he made by beating one of the athletes who inspired him, the reigning Wolrd Champion and 2012 Olympic Champion Niccolo Campriani of Italy.


Spotlight on Youth - Yang did it again: Munich means Gold

Germany is not different from the United States, according to China's Yang Haoran: he won the Gold in Fort Benning, he won the gold in Munich. 2 tries, 2 Gold medals - and 17 years old!


Yang: 17-year old new Air Rifle shooting star from China.

The youngest finalist won the match, securing his second ISSF World Cup Gold back to back. Yang shot an average higher than 10.5 points per shot, to beat Hungary's Wolrd Record setter Peter Sidi.


10m Air Rifle Men: what a young podium!

Three young guys made up the 10m Air Rifle podium at the ISSF World Cup in Fort Benning. The youngest, China's Yang Haoran, is just 17. New athletes are facing this Olympic Cycle!


17-year old Yang (CHN) finished atop of a young 10m Air Rifle Men podium

With an average age of the medallists of 21 years, today’s 10m Air Rifle Men podium will probably be tagged as one of the youngest ISSF World Cup podiums ever.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
31OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60620.5
1YOG NANJING 2014AR60Youth629.4209.3
1WCH CHANGWON 2018ARMIX840.5500.9
1WCH GRANADA 2014AR60632.1207.9WRJ
5WCH CHANGWON 2018FR3X401180427.4
5WCH CHANGWON 2018AR60632.2185.7
1WCF MUNICH 2015AR60632.7207.0WRJ
1WCF MUNICH 2013AR60629.2205.9
2WCF MUNICH 2015FR3X401181458.2WRJ, FWRJ
4WCF GABALA 2014AR60629.3164.1
5WCF PUTIAN 2019AR60626.7186.7
5WCF PUTIAN 2019FR3X401158426.2
7WCF BOLOGNA 2016AR60625.9101.2
1WC CHANGWON 2018ARMIX836.3499.3
1WC MUNICH 2018FR3X401180465.3WR
1WC BANGKOK 2016AR60632.2209.8FWRJ
1WC MUNICH 2014AR60630.1207.7FWRJ
1WC MUNICH 2013AR60628.9210.5FWR, WRJ
1WC FORT BENNING 2013AR60627.5208.7FWR, WRJ
2WC BEIJING 2019ARMIX524.115.0
2WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401175457.0FWRJ
2WC FORT BENNING 2015AR60630.5209.0
2WC CHANGWON 2015AR60630.3206.7
2WC BEIJING 2014AR60629.0209.1FWRJ
3WC MUNICH 2019AR60632.5229.0
3WC FORT BENNING 2018FR3X401178441.0
4WC FORT BENNING 2013FR3X401170436.6WRJ
5WC CHANGWON 2018AR60632.9186.9
5WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60629.0141.4
5WC MUNICH 2015AR60627.5143.7
7WC MUNICH 2016AR60630.0101.5
7WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401174404.2
9WC FORT BENNING 2018AR60625.7
12WC CHANGWON 2018FR3X401175
13WC BEIJING 2019FR3X401170
17WC BEIJING 2019AR60626.4
19WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2019AR60626.0
25WC MUNICH 2013FR3X401157
31WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2019FR3X401169
33WC NEW DELHI 2019FR3X401166
37WC MUNICH 2019FR3X401172
1ASC KUWAIT CITY 2018AR60631.9249.5
1ASC TEHRAN 2013AR60629.8206.4WRJ
1ASC NANCHANG 2012AR60Youth598103.7701.7
2ASC KUWAIT CITY 2014AR60Youth629.0205.6
4ASC TEHRAN 2013FR3X401172432.4
7ASC WAKO CITY 2017AR60628.5143.2
1ASG JAKARTA 2018AR60632.9249.1
1ASG INCHEON 2014AR60629.2209.6FWRJ
4ASG JAKARTA 2018FR3X401174431.1