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DU, Li - CHN nation flag  

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Year of birth1982Start of competing1996
Place of birthShan Dong, CHNPractising shooter since1994
HometownShan Dong, CHNPersonal Coach 
ResidenceShan Dong, CHNNational CoachWang Yuefang
Height (cm)170Handednessright
Weight (kg)55Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR40, STR3X20, STR60PR
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationTechnical Secondary SchoolComments 
HobbiesMusic, movies  

Latest news about this athlete

Nine years later China’s Du Li is back on top of the Air Rifle World Cup podium

The Chinese shooter prevailed over Russian Federation’s Daria Vdovina, who finished 2nd, grabbing her first World Cup medal, and Germany’s Selina Gschwandtner, 3rd.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1OG BEIJING 2008STR3X20589101.3690.3FOR, EOR
1OG ATHENS 2004AR40398104502FOR
2OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR40420.7207.0OR
3OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016STR3X20586447.4
5OG BEIJING 2008AR40399100.6499.6
13OG LONDON 2012STR3X20581581
1WCH ZAGREB 2006AR40398104.1502.1
2WCH LAHTI 2002AR40398102.9500.9
26WCH LAHTI 2002STR3X20565565
1WCF BANGKOK 2007AR40398104.2502.2
1WCF GRANADA 2006AR40400104.6504.6EWR
1WCF MUNICH 2005AR40398105.2503.2
1WCF BANGKOK 2004AR40398104.3502.3
2WCF WUXI 2009STR3X20587100687
2WCF MILAN 2003AR40398103.1501.1
3WCF BOLOGNA 2016STR3X20584448.9
3WCF BANGKOK 2012STR3X20578101.8679.8
3WCF BANGKOK 2008AR40396105.1501.1
4WCF MUNICH 2002STR3X2058495.7679.7
5WCF BOLOGNA 2016AR40416.9144.3
6WCF MUNICH 2002AR40397101.6498.6
8WCF BANGKOK 2012AR40394102.8496.8
9WCF BANGKOK 2008STR3X20578578
1WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR40418.6208.3
1WC BEIJING 2008STR3X20590102.7692.7
1WC SYDNEY 2007AR40399103.3502.3
1WC MILAN 2006AR40399102.8501.8
1WC MILAN 2005AR40399104.2503.2
1WC FORT BENNING, GA 2005AR40398104502
1WC ZAGREB 2003AR40400104.9504.9FWR, EWR
2WC MUNICH 2012STR3X20588100.8688.8
2WC GUANGZHOU 2006AR40399101.7500.7
2WC BANGKOK 2004AR40397104.3501.3
3WC LONDON 2012STR3X20584100.2684.2
3WC CHANGWON 2011STR3X2058399.2682.2
3WC BEIJING 2008AR40399103.2502.2
3WC CHANGWON 2005STR3X2057999.8678.8
3WC SHANGHAI 2002AR40397102.4499.4
3WC ATLANTA 2002STR3X20581101.4682.4
4WC MILAN 2012AR40399103.6502.6
4WC MILAN 2008AR40399101.7500.7
4WC MUNICH 2008STR3X2058399.9682.9
4WC MUNICH 2008AR40397103.6500.6
4WC MUNICH 2006AR40399103.1502.1
4WC ATLANTA 2002AR40397101.9498.9
4WC SHANGHAI 2002STR3X2058196.2677.2
5WC MUNICH 2003STR3X20584100684
6WC MILAN 2008STR3X20581101.7682.7
6WC FORT BENNING 2007AR40397103.9500.9
7WC MILAN 2012STR3X2058293.4675.4
7WC BANGKOK 2004STR3X2057797.3674.3
9WC MUNICH 2005AR40397397
11WC MILANO 2002STR3X20576576
12WC LONDON 2012AR40397397
14WC BANGKOK 2016STR3X20571
14WC BANGKOK 2016AR40414.2
14WC MILANO 2002AR40394394
15WC CHANGWON 2011AR40395395
16WC MUNICH 2011STR3X20582582
17WC GABALA 2015AR40414.8
18WC MUNICH 2012AR40397397
18WC MUNICH 2005STR3X20579579
22WC FORT BENNING 2011STR3X20579579
22WC ATHENS 2004AR40394394
36WC MUNICH 2016AR40414.8
39WC MUNICH 2016STR3X20577
63WC MUNICH 2011AR40394394
1ASC DOHA 2012STR3X2059498.1692.1EWR
1ASC KUWAIT 2007AR40399104.7503.7
2ASC KUWAIT 2007STR3X20576101.6677.6
3ASC DOHA 2012AR40398102.4500.4
5ASC KUWAIT 2007STR60PR587587
9ASC DOHA 2012STR60PR587587
1ASG DOHA 2006AR40398103.4501.4
1ASG BUSAN 2002STR3X2058897.5685.5
6ASG BUSAN 2002AR40397102.2499.2