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LIU, Yingzi - CHN nation flag  

Personal data:

Sport associated data:

GenderWClubHu Nan
Year of birth1971Start of competing2001
Place of birthHu Nan, CHNPractising shooter since2001
HometownHu Nan, CHNPersonal CoachZhou Fa Xiang
ResidenceChang Sha, CHNNational CoachWang Zheng
Height (cm)165Handednessright
Weight (kg)57Master Eyeright
Marital statusmarriedEventsTR75, TR125W, DT120, TRW
Children2Other sport activities 
Higher educationCollegeComments 


RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
12OG LONDON 2012TR756767
12OG BEIJING 2008TR756363
1WCH BELGRADE 2011TR75722395
1WCH NICOSIA 2007TR75662086
2WCH MUNICH 2010TR75721789
14WCH NICOSIA 2003TR756666
16WCH FAGNANO 1994TR125W105105
16WCH FAGNANO 1994DT1209797
17WCH CAIRO 2001TR756464
26WCH MARIBOR 2009TR756767
38WCH LONATO 2015TR7564
41WCH LONATO 2019TR125W106
1WCF IZMIR 2010TR75672491
1WCF BEIJING 2009TR75691584
2WCF MINSK 2008TR75712192
3WCF BELGRADE 2007TR75692291
4WCF DUBAI 2005TR75681987
9WCF AL AIN 2011TR755959
1WC BEIJING 2010TR75731891
1WC MINSK 2009TR75692190
2WC BELGRADE 2005TR75722092
3WC MARIBOR 2011TR75741892EWR
3WC LONATO 2010TR75701989
3WC SUHL 2008TR75702292
3WC BEIJING 1994DT12010827135
4WC PERTH 2003TR75672188
9WC LONATO 2007TR756868
9WC LONATO 2001TR756565
10WC LONDON 2012TR756666
10WC BEIJING 2011TR756666
11WC BEIJING 2008TR756767
12WC BELGRADE 2008TR756868
14WC SAN MARINO 2009TR756666
15WC LONATO 2012TR756565
16WC SYDNEY 2011TR756565
19WC CAIRO 1998DT1208888
24WC LAHTI 2019TR125W105
24WC CONCEPCION 2011TR756363
26WC MUNICH 2009TR756767
29WC ACAPULCO 2019TR125W115
32WC GRANADA 2003TR756363
54WC AL AIN 2019TR125W107
7ASC DOHA 2012TR756767
12ASC KUWAIT 2007TR755858
26ASC DOHA 2019TR125W
3ASG GUANGZHOU 2010TR75681684
8ASG HIROSHIMA 1994DT1209494