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ISMAILOV, Ruslan - KGZ nation flag  

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Year of birth1986Start of competing2003
Place of birthBishkek, KGZPractising shooter since2002
HometownBishkek, KGZPersonal CoachIsmailova Meri
ResidenceBishkek, KGZNational CoachIsmailov Takhir
Height (cm)170Handednessright
Weight (kg)58Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
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RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
21OG LONDON 2012AR60593593
39OG BEIJING 2008AR60587587
40OG LONDON 2012FR3X4011461146
48OG BEIJING 2008FR3X4011301130
54OG BEIJING 2008FR60PR578578
18WCH ZAGREB 2006FR60PRJunior585585
27WCH ZAGREB 2006FR3X40Junior11331133
48WCH ZAGREB 2006AR60Junior584584
55WCH MUNICH 2010AR60590590
19WC MUNICH 2009AR60595595
19WC MILAN 2008AR60593593
20WC BEIJING 2009AR60592592
23WC CHANGWON 2011AR60593593
25WC BEIJING 2008AR60594594
30WC LONDON 2012AR60593593
35WC BANGKOK 2007AR60591591
39WC FORT BENNING 2007FR3X4011531153
40WC MUNICH 2007AR60592592
48WC MILAN 2008FR3X4011471147
49WC MUNICH 2013AR60619.6
49WC MUNICH 2012AR60592592
49WC MUNICH 2005AR60590590
52WC MUNICH 2008AR60590590
52WC FORT BENNING 2007AR60585585
56WC MUNICH 2008FR3X4011491149
57WC BEIJING 2008FR3X4011171117
59WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011581158
60WC CHANGWON 2011FR3X4011231123
75WC MUNICH 2007FR3X4011451145
80WC MUNICH 2008FR60PR584584
89WC MUNICH 2006AR60577577
97WC MUNICH 2011AR60584584
3ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004FR3X40Junior11131113
5ASC DOHA 2009AR60592101.9693.9
6ASC DOHA 2012AR60594102.5696.5
6ASC KUWAIT CITY 2011AR60592103.2695.2
6ASC KUWAIT 2007AR60593102.5695.5
7ASC TEHRAN 2013AR60622.5100.3
7ASC BANGKOK 2005AR60Junior583583
9ASC NANJING 2008AR60592592
12ASC KUWAIT CITY 2014AR60614.2
12ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004FR60PRJunior555555
12ASC KUALA LUMPUR 2004AR60Junior577577
17ASC TEHRAN 2013FR3X401128
27ASC KUWAIT 2007FR3X4011261126
29ASC DOHA 2012FR3X4010971097
31ASC DOHA 2012FR60PR585585
41ASC KUWAIT 2007FR60PR570570
6ASG DOHA 2006AR60593102.7695.7
7ASG GUANGZHOU 2010AR60593101.7694.7
16ASG DOHA 2006FR3X4011411141
23ASG INCHEON 2014AR60617.5
31ASG GUANGZHOU 2010FR3X4011291129
31ASG DOHA 2006FR60PR580580
35ASG INCHEON 2014FR3X401130
35ASG GUANGZHOU 2010FR60PR583583
49ASG INCHEON 2014FR60PR598.6