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KIM, Jonghyun - KOR nation flag  

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GenderMClubChangwon City Hall
Year of birth1985Start of competing1999
Place of birthJeonranamdo, KORPractising shooter since1998
HometownGwangju, KORPersonal CoachCho, Hyun Jin
ResidenceChangwon, KORNational CoachCha, Young Chul
Height (cm)170Handednessright
Weight (kg)74Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR
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Higher educationUniversityComments
HobbiesReading books  

Latest news about this athlete

Kim pockets 50m Rifle Prone gold at the last shot

Ranked second in the world after his success in Rio de Janeiro, the Korean athlete had never won and ISSF World Cup medal before.


Kim Jonghyun claims the top of the 3 Positions podium, wins his second Gold in New Delhi

The Korean shooter pockets the 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men Gold medal in the last day of competitions, besting Silver medallist Yuriy Yurkov of Kazakhstan and Bronze medallist Toshikazu Yamashita of Japan.


South Korea’s Kim Jonghyun grabs the first Gold medal in New Delhi

The Korean shooter shined at the end of a close battle against Thailand’s Attapon Vea Aree and his teammate Kim Hyeonjun, who completed the podium in 2nd and 3rd position, respectively.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
2OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR60PR628.1208.2
2OG LONDON 2012FR3X401171101.51272.5
16OG RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401170
17OG LONDON 2012AR60593593
6WCH MUNICH 2010FR3X40117497.71271.7
13WCH MUNICH 2010FR60PR597597
29WCH CHANGWON 2018FR3X401171
32WCH CHANGWON 2018FR60PR621.8
39WCH GRANADA 2014FR3X401164
61WCH MUNICH 2010AR60589589
3WCF NEW DELHI 2017FR60PR626.5228.7
7WCF PUTIAN 2019FR3X401164404.5
9WCF BANGKOK 2012FR3X4011551155
1WC MUNICH 2017FR60PR628.8248.3
2WC MUNICH 2019FR3X401180455.6
4WC MUNICH 2012FR3X40117697.31273.3
4WC SYDNEY 2010FR3X401165102.41267.4
5WC BAKU 2016FR60PR621.0144.8
6WC CHANGWON 2011AR60597101.4698.4
6WC SYDNEY 2010AR60594101.6695.6
7WC NEW DELHI 2019FR3X401181401.1
7WC CHANGWON 2018FR3X401179404.8
7WC SYDNEY 2010FR60PR594102.9696.9
8WC SYDNEY 2011FR3X401166991265
10WC GABALA 2017FR3X401172
10WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401172
11WC MUNICH 2011FR3X4011741174
13WC MUNICH 2012AR60596596
14WC BEIJING 2014FR3X401161
17WC BEIJING 2019FR3X401169
17WC CHANGWON 2011FR3X4011631163
18WC GABALA 2015FR60PR624.2
19WC SYDNEY 2011AR60593593
21WC MUNICH 2016FR3X401174
23WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401167
26WC BAKU 2016FR3X401160
37WC LONDON 2012AR60593593
41WC GABALA 2015FR3X401163
41WC LONDON 2012FR3X4011421142
42WC SYDNEY 2011FR60PR590590
45WC MUNICH 2016FR60PR621.3
55WC MUNICH 2017FR3X401161
57WC MUNICH 2018FR3X401165
58WC CHANGWON 2015FR3X401146
1ASC DOHA 2019FR3X401178459.9
2ASC DOHA 2012FR3X40114296.31238.3
7ASC DOHA 2012FR60PR592100.3692.3
15ASC DOHA 2019FR60PR618.2
2ASG GUANGZHOU 2010FR3X40116698.51264.5
5ASG GUANGZHOU 2010AR60593103.9696.9
7ASG INCHEON 2014FR3X401170399.5
7ASG GUANGZHOU 2010FR60PR59699.6695.6