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BARTNIK, Tomasz - POL nation flag  

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GenderMClubLegia Warsaw
Year of birth1990Start of competing2005
Place of birthWarsaw, POLPractising shooter since2004
HometownWarsaw, POLPersonal CoachEulalia Rolinska
ResidenceWarsaw, POLNational CoachAndrzej Kijowski
Height (cm)173Handednessright
Weight (kg)68Master Eyeright
Marital statussingleEventsAR60, FR3X40, FR60PR, 300FR3X40, 300STR3X20, ARMIX
Children Other sport activities 
Higher educationInformatikComments
HobbiesInformatics, football  

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Poland’s Bartnik secures 50m Rifle 3 Positions title and Olympic quota

The other three Olympic quotas awarded today went to USA’s Michael Mcphail, Henrik Larsen of Norway and Yang Haoran of the People’s Republic of China.



RkCs City YearEventCatCompFinalTotalRecord
1WCH CHANGWON 2018FR3X401182460.4
15WCH CHANGWON 2018AR60626.6
21WCH MUNICH 2010AR60Junior589589
39WCH MUNICH 2010FR60PRJunior589589
52WCH MUNICH 2010FR3X40Junior11331133
63WCH GRANADA 2014AR60619.1
5WCF NEW DELHI 2017FR3X401177428.0
6WCF PUTIAN 2019FR3X401154413.8
3WC GABALA 2017FR3X401175444.4
4WC NEW DELHI 2021ARMIX627.0 (418.9)15.0
5WC MUNICH 2018FR3X401179426.4
8WC MUNICH 2017FR3X401176401.8
11WC BAKU 2016FR3X401165
13WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016FR3X401170
13WC MUNICH 2015FR3X401173
14WC NEW DELHI 2021FR3X401159
14WC MUNICH 2019FR3X401179
14WC MUNICH 2011FR3X4011721172
15WC BAKU 2016FR60PR617.5
15WC CHANGWON 2015AR60623.5
16WC FORT BENNING 2015AR60624.5
16WC MARIBOR 2014FR3X401165
18WC MUNICH 2016FR3X401176
21WC MUNICH 2018AR60627.6
26WC GABALA 2017AR60623.0
26WC BAKU 2016AR60623.5
28WC GABALA 2015FR3X401168
29WC NEW DELHI 2021AR60621.4
29WC MUNICH 2016AR60624.6
29WC FORT BENNING 2015FR3X401164
30WC CHANGWON 2015FR3X401162
35WC MARIBOR 2014AR60620.8
37WC MUNICH 2013FR3X401153
38WC MUNICH 2018ARMIX830.5
43WC MUNICH 2014FR3X401160
44WC MUNICH 2019AR60626.0
46WC CHANGWON 2018AR60622.3
46WC MUNICH 2015AR60621.5
48WC MUNICH 2014AR60620.9
49WC MUNICH 2012FR3X4011611161
50WC CHANGWON 2018FR3X401163
54WC MUNICH 2017AR60623.1
54WC GABALA 2015AR60619.4
56WC MUNICH 2011AR60591591
58WC RIO DE JANEIRO 2016AR60618.3
58WC MUNICH 2013AR60618.4
60WC MUNICH 2012FR60PR590590
68WC CHANGWON 2015FR60PR608.7
81WC MUNICH 2012AR60588588
3ECH BOLOGNA 2019FR60PR625.5
4ECH BOLOGNA 2019300FR3X401182
7ECH BOLOGNA 2019300STR3X20585
7ECH MARIBOR 2017AR60627.6143.5
7ECH MERAKER 2010AR60Junior591100.1691.1
10ECH PRAGUE 2009AR60Junior589589
12ECH BAKU 2017FR3X401151
12ECH WINTERTHUR 2008AR60Junior588588
13ECH BOLOGNA 2019FR3X401173
16ECH OSIJEK 2009FR60PRJunior588588
19ECH GYOR 2016AR60622.6
22ECH MARIBOR 2015FR3X401163
24ECH MOSCOW 2014AR60621.4
26ECH ARNHEM 2015AR60621.1
28ECH PLZEN 2008FR3X40Junior11391139
31ECH GYOR 2018AR60622.4
32ECH OSIJEK 2019AR60623.4
35ECH OSIJEK 2009FR3X40Junior11341134
36ECH OSIJEK 2013FR3X401156
40ECH WROCLAW 2020AR60623.4
40ECH VIERUMAEKI 2012AR60592592
47ECH PLZEN 2008FR60PRJunior583583
58ECH BELGRADE 2011FR3X4011441144
7EUG MINSK 2019FR3X401176404.3
17EUG MINSK 2019AR60625.3